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CRUSHING BLOW: Ukraine Says No Visitors Allowed in Uman for Rosh Hashana

Tens of thousands of Breslover chassidim are reeling Thursday following an announcement from the Ukrainian ambassador to Israel that dashed any hopes of chassidim being able to visit the kever of Rebbe Nachman in Uman for Rosh Hashana.

“Due to concerns for the lives and well-being of the visitors to Ukraine and in light of the blatant Russian war in our country, despite all efforts, we can not guarantee the security of pilgrims and do not currently allow tourists and visitors to enter Ukraine,” the country’s ambassador to Israel, Yevgen Korniychuk said in a statement.

“On this occasion, we address to you, because your prayers are important to us,” the statement continued. “Please pray that before Rosh Hashana the war in Ukraine, which broke out due to blatant and cruel Russian aggression, will come to an end, and pray for the victory of Ukraine.”

“We hope that the prayers will be fulfilled, and that Ukraine will once again be a country that generously receives visitors from Israel, and especially Jews who come to Ukraine to visit the graves of the righteous.”

The annual pilgrimage to the tziyon is a yearly highlight for an untold number of chassidim, whose davening during the Yomim Noraim is uplifted as they spend time near their revered Rebbe.

“It’s a devastating blow,” a Breslover chassid who routinely visits Uman told YWN. “We look forward to this literally every day of the year. And while we knew this was likely to happen, its confirmation is no less crushing.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. They were told they couldn’t go during Covid, went anyway and then complained it was anti semitisim when they weren’t allowed in. You’ll see that they will still go, and history will repeat

  2. Wow, the Russians are as bad for tourism in Ukraine as the Germans were for European tourism in the first half of the 1940s (okay, a lot of Americans did go visiting then, but they had to dress up in unfashionable uniforms and wear funky hats, and had to get travel insurance from the government).

    Seriously, tourism in a war zone should be prohibited.

  3. stop Ukraine’s as refugees unless proven two parents jewish….who needs these gentiles to tell us what to do…..they didn’t even pay for my families homes…..

  4. With all respect, the people of Ukraine are literally dying by the dozens daily and suffering under the most incredibly difficult conditions in terms of housing destroyed, little or no fresh food and safe water, hospitals overflowing etc. and some Breslov are “devestated” they cannot make their annual Uman pilgrimage. Totally mindless and insensitive. In fairness, some in this tzibur have donated generously to Ukraine relief efforts but overall, they seem to be terrified at the thought of having to spend yom tom at home with their families.

  5. Maybe HaShem is trying to say something to the Breslovers? Maybe serving HaShem does NOT depend on going to Uman for Rosh Hashanah? Will they consider that? or will they insist that serving HaShem has to be done their way.

  6. So does this mean this year children will have their Totties home for Rosh Hashana and wives will have their husbands home too??? Who is this hurting exactly. Children and wives must be thrilled .

  7. ” ‘We hope that the prayers will be fulfilled, and that Ukraine will once again be a country that generously receives visitors from Israel

    Maybe we should be praying that the Bais Hamikdash once again receives visitors generously…?

  8. Never despair, Moshiach is coming (hopefully even today), and lots more bsoros tovos. Hashem can do anything!!

  9. @147 (and everyone else commiserating with the plight of the poor Breslov women, and thinking that this will increase their simchas yom tov)
    Have you ever asked these poor women what they think of the pilgrimage, and whether they feel mistreated and victimized? Do you think the average frum woman would celebrate if shuls were closed on Yom Kippur, and everyone would spend the days at home with their wives? Instead of projecting your myopic views upon them and expecting that they conform with your views and norms and as such are miserable, maybe you should open your eyes to the fact that the women are full and enthusiastic partners with the men on this?

    These are the same people that feel bad for the poor kollel wives that are working to support their families while the husbands learn in kollel. For some, this is the noblest of missions and the fulfillment of a dream. Your opinions on it are completely irrelevant.

    I assume that plenty of reform families have the utmost of pity for the Orthodox women that are forced not to drive to the mall on Shabbos. They probably would not believe that we are celebrating ashreinu mah tov chelkenu, instead of mourning. Our oneg shabbos is not diminished an iota.

    Dont assume that you are the only one that has it perfect in life, and anyone slightly divergent is either miserable or needs to be institutionalized. The mirror may be a better place to look instead of right and left.

  10. Wow this must be awful for all the children who finally get to spend Yom Tov with their fathers, who were trying to abandon them in years past.
    Truly crushing.

  11. Why is this a crushing blow? Who’s proofreading these headlines before publishing? If you think not going to Uman this year is a crushing blow because of a senseless war, then need to have your head examined… Safety first..

  12. @Yayin Yashan B’Kli Chadash
    Thank you!
    I wanted to comment in a similar vein, but was struggling with the wording.
    You put it perfectly!
    Bracha V’Hatzlacha!

  13. Why, oh why, do the commenters have to be so antagonistic to Jews who have a different derech?

    When hearing that another Yid is not able to celebrate Rosh Hashonah in the way that he prefers and inspires him most, we should say, “nebach, Hashem should help!” and vaiter geforen. No need to trash their feelings.

    However, I do agree with @TannaKamma: once we are davening for a proper Rosh Hashanah, let’s ask for the ultimate – Rosh Hashonah in the Beis Hamikdash with Moshiach Tzidkeinu!

  14. Seriously?? Seriously??

    How small brained somebody needs to be? I would not even book a ticket to Europe in RH? Who knows what the Orks planning next?

    Russia basically is Nazi Germany of the 21th century.
    The situation in Ukraine is horrible, so many loosing there lives and so much families are suffering. Russians killing cilivans with rockets all over Ukraine. Uman is not far from Odessa, there dozens of civilians were killed. Furthermore, who will help them in case the Russians attacking again the whole of Ukraine. It’s quite possible? What they do if there is a nuclear attack? What happen if a nuclear power station getting attacked? Right, they are done. Right now, nobody from outside of Ukraine are able to help them.

    Even going to Europe crazy right now. People there suffer from a huge inflation, shortage of essential stuff like gas, oil, wheat, flower, sunflower oil…… the most powerful states in Europe are destabilized and fearing a Russian attack.

    Inimageable to see some Jews celebrating RH over there. They should know, once in Ukraine they can not leave, even if they are non-Ukrainians.. Men under the age of 60 are required to fight. This applies right now to all men.

  15. !”אין שום יאוש בעולם כלל” and now we can really say and mean ואין לנו על מי לסמוך רק על !!!אבינו שבשמים

  16. There are many that advocated to elevate the bones (incl. the other’s near kever) tziyun to E”Y. Now would be the best time to do it and with all the war chaos and visitor hiatus, there wouldn’t be a big fuss.

    …Or continue putting up with antisemites putting pig heads on the kever.

  17. Chachamim have said time and time again that abandoning your wife and children during Rosh Hashana has no basis. What are your teaching your kids by not being home for such a imprtant Yom Tov. Maybe NACHAMITES and Israel should consider bringing the Matseivah to Israel as other Chachamim.

    I have been told unfortunatly that the Eishes “Chayaliam” now look forward having their husbands away from home and for them its a “mini vacation”.

  18. Wow. Just reading all the comments… Such a shame that there is so much separation amongst us. The comments are filled with disdain and hurtful words.

    May we be zoche to see the day when we can show proper respect for one another.

  19. To all those who say this is wonderful for the Breslover wives and daughters:

    These are people who have been otherwise conditioned. Contrary to what you would like to believe, having the men at home is just plain confusing. Dare I say, stressful…

  20. let them go, russia will shoot them all and clean Israel from these breskiv fake religion and desease. go to find work

  21. Good, I hope it happens next Rosh Hashana as well. It’s crazy how Rosh Hashana become an islamic-like pilgrimage to a foreign country.

  22. There is no reason that a “different derech/hashkafah” and common sense cannot co-exist.
    Its not even a close call; you don’t travel into a war zone for ANY reason unless you intend to be an armed combatant or relief worker. Its a minhag that was important during normal times. These are not normal times, and as others have noted, the headline wording is bizarre given the real suffering that is ongoing.

  23. @Yayin Yashan B’Kli Chadash wether one agrees with going to Uman or not going, it’s very refreshing to read your comment, because at least you make sense. Thank you for having seichel. Really not common these days.

  24. Mods, please delete ASDdef1234 comment. Wishing death and murder onto the Breslov chassidim and onto fellow frum Jews who aren’t harming anyone, and such sickening hateful rhetoric, crosses the boundary of what should be allowed on here. Even for an Internet comment section, which is generally no bastion of virtue and goodness, that goes beyond the pale.

  25. How many of you think that some devastated men will somehow devise a way to sidestep this common-sense decree & will attempt to “invade” Uman?? And worse, drag their kids with them?

    Don’t they realize this country is AT WAR? It’s for THEIR safety! It’s nothing to do with their mesorah, I just don’t want to be saying Tehillim for war casualties chas v’sholom who defied the restrictions.

    Am I the only one who believes Russia will flatten Uman if they can wipe out more Jews? Stay home, help your wives, be with your kids and daven for Moshiach.

  26. Wow just wow, I am disgusted to read this proliferation of nasty critical negative remarks. They are sent by people who seem to know better about the meaning of Rosh Hashanah and the true way it is meant to be observed – by NORMAL Jews. Shame shame shame. What will you all do, on Rosh Hashanah – when you’re fates, the fates of your families, and that of your communities are in the balance and Lashon Hara and Sinas Acheinu on your parts will chalila seal some very horrible gezeiros. Kol Yisroel areivim.
    One thing I doubt, no matter my stand or anyone else’s on staying with your family, or which of the pilgrims had the exactly correct state of mind by your standards, and that is that even one Uman pilgrim went there or came back with hate and negative judgements on their brothers. Don’t think so.
    And I repeat, shame, and hope you do teshuvah for your destructive lashon hara – for your sakes and ours. And ironically on the topic of Rosh Hashanah! Are you thinking at all!?!?! How easily you allow yourselves to be agents of the Satan, who is licking his chops with glee right now.
    Shame, too for a moderator who allows these comments, and especially for the wicked troll who suggested shooting literally shooting Uman travelers, to make his comfy and confused world Judenrein except for the ones he believes qualify.

  27. very good news! let them sit home in Israel with their families and kids…. and keep mitvos instead going to drugs, prostitution and Hilul Hashem spots….

  28. for Uman RH you have to be in holy Land,,,, not leaving Holy Land its Hilul Hashem…. these people who go to dirty places are erev rav. its not judaism

  29. This is great news for misnagdim! Finally they will see for themselves the beauty and pleasure of Broslev prayer.
    Usually the breslovs travel for the holiday and the misnagdim are left crying in shul. הב לן חיי הב לן מזוני give us health, give us money! The Zohar says they sound like dogs.
    See for yourself what spiritual Judaism looks like

  30. If you think some of the fringe Breslov are a bit over the top, we have our share of loonies here in the CR. I was never a big fan of the annual Uman festival (which at times seemed more like an “new age” gathering of serious yidden and kabalahniks but the sheer hatred and vile comments here for those whose hashkafah some disagree with is really depressing.

  31. @SfaradiGamur – “It’s crazy how Rosh Hashana become an islamic-like pilgrimage to a foreign country.”

    Maybe you should learn some Jewish history, pilgrimage from one’s home for the holiday does not originate from Islam. It happens to be an old Jewish practice. Listen closely during krias hatorah next yom tov.

    The Gemara says חייב אדם להקביל רבו ברגל – now that there is no Beis Hamikdash, one is obligated to visit his teacher. The mifarshim point out that this is not for the sake of Torah study because women are also obligated to go. It is because the way to be closest to Hashem nowadays is to be near a tzaddik that one is connected to. This is not chassidus, it is pure halacha. (See Sukkah 27b and Pnei Yehoshua)

    If someone doesn’t agree with a certain practice or a certain tzaddik – so be it! But there is no need to ridicule and blaspheme what another Yid considers holy.

  32. Some of the people who behaved obnoxiously last year – are we sure it will be a brocha for their family to have them acting out at home they way the did on Ukrainian border last year? Let them visit Lenin’s Y’Sh kevurah in Moscow.

  33. Aliyah Laregel is where Hashem said on His Mountain. Since we follow the ways of Yeravam and do Aliyah Laregel to Uman an d Meron, Hashem is teaching us different. Let’s remember that Yeravam was the biggest Gadol of his generation. To go by the thousands to Uman and leave Har Habayis with barely a Minyan is a huge Chillul Hashem. All the inspiring Breslev Chasidim can come to Yerushalyim and make Hashems name great again.

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