TONIGHT – Holocaust Survivor Reb Shaya Zelczer To Speak In Monsey


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The Monsey community is invited to hear Divrei Zichronos and Divrei Hisorerus from Reb Shaya Zelczer.

Reb Shaya is a survivor of Beregsaz Ghetto, Auschwitz, Jaworzno Camps and author of “Wight Pieces of Silk: What I could not tell my children”.

It will take place tonight (Wednesday), August 3rd, at 8:30PM at Bais Hamedrash Bais Yosef Meir (Rabbi Levitan’s Shul), located at 19 Olympia Lane, Monsey, NY – in the lower Bais Medrash.

Men and women are invited to attend. (There is no charge).