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Lapid Requests Phone Call With Biden, Receives Humiliating Answer

As the Biden administration draws closer to signing a nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic, Prime Minister Yair Lapid instructed the National Security Council to arrange a phone call between him and Israel’s “good friend” US President Joe Biden.

Not only was the request met by a refusal but the White House’s paltry excuse was that Biden “is on vacation,” Channel 13 News reported on Wednesday evening.

Also, Defense Minister Benny Gantz, who flew to the US in the early hours of Thursday morning to hold talks with US security officials, will not meet his US counterpart Lloyd Austin because he is also “outside of Washington,” the report added.

Earlier on Wednesday, Lapid slammed Biden’s plan to sign the deal, saying that the deal doesn’t even meet the red lines set by Biden himself.

“The countries of the West draw a red line, the Iranians ignore it, and the red line moves,” Lapid said, adding that the deal grants the ayatollahs a hundred billion dollars a year “to spread terror around the globe.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. This doesn’t look good. Normally it’s other people who refuse Bidens call (I can count at least 3 from recent memory). Don’t be the first to get Biden to reject your phone call, that’s the opposite and in bad form.

  2. We need Rachmei Hashem, we need to Daven and realize we do not deserve His assistance, we must beg, plead, and CHANGE.
    MIDDAH K’NEGED MIDDAH is so obvious here, we have moved the line, between ourselves and the goyim.
    We’ve aspired to attain everything they have, and there are those of us Rachmana Letzlan, who have committed and continue to commit aveiros that a generation ago, were abhorred by decent goyim.

  3. אל תבטחו בנדיבים בבן אדם שאין לו תשועה
    ה׳ הפיר עצת גוים הניא מחשבות עמים

    “On vacation”, “out of town” diplomatic doublespeak for “don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

  4. Let’s face it — who would want to talk to Lapid? If Bibi was calling, he would be put in touch with someone, even in Biden’s weak administration.

  5. Why would you expect this lightweights to care about us anymore than the U.S. government cared when over 6 million Jews were killed 80 years ago? 80 years ago the Yidden also thought that they have an in with the government and then tragically found out that it was all a charade – they could care less. There is only One address were we can target our pleas for רחמנות and either He answers with a ישועה or His רצון is ח”ו something else.

  6. Is anyone here surprised?
    I knew this would happen. the second I saw the way Israel was getting ready to greet Biden I immediately said they’re wiping his behind because they think it’ll help them get stuff. Trump, who delivered for Israel like no-one has ever before got no presidential of freedom or any stuff like that…
    Look how far kissing up has gotten them!!
    Just an ignored phone call, great work!!!!!

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