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HATER ARRESTED: Man Charged with Hate Crime After Slapping Chasid in Williamsburg

The NYPD said on Thursday that it has arrested and charged a man with hate crimes for slapping a Chasidic man in Williamsburg on Monday.

Carrington Maddox, 31, has been charged with aggravated harassment as a hate crime, as well as menacing, after he randomly attacked the 27-year-old chasidish man in front of 144 Lynch Street in Williamsburg on Monday afternoon.

Maddox was identified based off a tip that the NYPD received to its Crime Stoppers hotline.

Monday’s incident was the third antisemitic attack in Brooklyn in just two days. The attack came just a day after two other Jewish men became victims of antisemitism.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. For various reasons, this story, the latest in a long line of similar events, compels me to get personal.

    I’m finishing up a doctorate in education. Wokeism now permeates EVERYTHING. Without exception, every one of my professors portrays the ineffable group that terrorizes our people and others on a regular basis as beleaguered and innocent. In a course on special education, one of the required textbooks is a screed titled “Cultivating Genius,” published by Scholastic. In it, the author, Gholdy Muhammad, states as an axiom that black children are by definition geniuses. Not intelligent or even brilliant, but “geniuses” who are held back by culturally insensitive colonizers who harm them with weapons like standardized tests. Mind you, the professor giving this course is a white woman.

    If any of us in the ed school would dare to ask for peer-reviewed studies that demonstrate said black genius, we would be risking everything: our reputations, our employability, and even our place in the ed school.

    In the school I attend, every professor makes repeated public declarations of the various woke orthodoxies. Every. Single. Professor. In some courses, if the student refuses to state their preferred pronouns at the start of the semester, they can be written up by the faculty for disciplinary action for presumed transphobia. (For why else would a man or woman refuse to state their own pronouns?)

    It is as if the world took a mind-altering drug that turns reality upside-down.

    Is it madness? Yes. Is it unconstitutional? Totally. Do we stand a chance at winning if we fight back? As things now stand, none whatsoever.

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