Memories Requested By Family of Yanky Meyer Z”L, The Legendary Askan, And Misaskim Founder


In his relatively short life, R’ Yanky Meyer z”l positively impacted tens of thousands of people across the globe, assisted innumerable people in need, and consoled countless people in distress.

Much of what R’ Yanky z”l did was done quietly, without fanfare, attention, or necessarily even thanks. Because of this, much of his askanus work is, believe it or not, completely unknown to most people.

The Meyer family is now asking people with memories or stories of R’ Yanky z”l to please share it with them. In doing so, you will help perpetuate his legacy and bring his family a tremendous nechama.

Memories, tidbits, anecdotes, stories and photos can be sent to [email protected].

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)