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MTA To Seek Fare Hike For Second Straight Year

mta.jpgOnly once in the history of the New York City subway has the fare gone up in back-to-back years – but now it looks like it’s happening again.

Apparently, the MTA plans to propose a fare increase to take effect next July 2009 – just over a year after MetroCard increases took effect – but the specifics of how large the fare hike would be have yet to be worked out.

Many believe the $2 base fare would jump a quarter to $2.25, and there would also be an 8 percent increase on commuter rail tickets on the Long Island Railroad and Metro-North as well as tolls on the MTA’s bridges and tunnels, which include the Verrazano-Narrows and Queens-Midtown tunnels.

MTA officials say they have no choice but to propose the 8 percent hikes at their meeting on Wednesday because of rising fuel costs and declining revenues from some key taxes. Those two factors have created an additional $700 million hole in their operating budget.

(Source: WCBSTV / CBS2HD / NY1)

4 Responses

    We must save the fare. The end up is that they will raise the tolls on the bridges once again.

    There is no effort to cut expenses.

    Just tax tax and spend

  2. Why do they need to raise the fare after making all that money from the Wahhabists advertisement campaign on the subways?

  3. We all have to remember the COLA that we might get paid is no way near what it should be- especially in light of the growing CPI.

  4. If they would only use some of the money to improve the cleanliness condition. To call some Train stations public bathrooms wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

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