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MINGLING WITH ANTISEMITES: Jew Hater Kanye West, Neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes Visit Trump at Mar-a-Lago

Former President Donald Trump appears to have met two infamous antisemites at his Mar-a-Lago estate this week. Reporter Meridith McGraw said Wednesday that rapper Kanye West, who has made numerous antisemitic comments in recent weeks, and avowed neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes were seen together at Mar-a-Lago.

“According to a source, far-right extremist Nick Fuentes was spotted with Kanye West at Mar-a-Lago. West tweeted last night he met with Trump at the club. West and Fuentes were also seen together at Miami airport,” McGraw wrote on Twitter.

Right Wing Watch shared video of the hateful pair at Miami airport, captioning: “On his way to meet Trump at Mar-a-Lago yesterday, Kanye West was filmed walking through Miami’s airport with misogynistic antisemitic white nationalist Christian fascist incel Nick Fuentes.”

Fuentes is the leader of “Groyper Army,” and holds an annual white nationalist conference as counterprogramming to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

While Trump has made no mention of meeting either West or Fuentes, the rapper strongly suggested on Twitter that he did.

“Rain and traffic. Can’t believe I kept President Trump waiting,” West tweeted. “And I had on jeans. Yikes. What you guys think his response was when I asked him to be my running mate in 2024?”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Well that’s nice, setting up for a major failure come 2024.

    I can’t wait for America to be like progressive paradise Sweden where yeshivos are illegal and you can’t shect because it’s cruel.

    We are past the point voting means anything, now it’s time to do what we should have in the first place and daven for mercy.

  2. I wonder if this article is true or fake news. We need to wait for Trump to say something. If true he is showing a troubling lack of good judgement. We should look carefully at DeSantis and see if he makes more sense as a candidate to back.

  3. Interesting that no one asked Trump if he kicked them out. Which is probably what he did. That being said we don’t need Trump as he is starting to show signs of senile dementia and we have already read that book

  4. Trump lost his momentum already, has become boring and clowny and seems to just not be needed anymore since this time around its absolutely only about his own ego. Also sabotages himself with the lowest class people.

  5. Explain to all your readers what is the point you’re trying to address here. Are you accusing Donald trump as an anti semite?! hmmm that can’t be the case……
    So you’re basically a leftist hack propagandist, where you should be ashamed of yourself affiliated with the name YWN. You are in no way a journalist who seeks the truth or address the news accordingly to our Jewish standards. Shame on you!

  6. Great to see Trumps good friends. As a former Trump supporter, I hope by now that enlightenment is nothing more than common sense.
    Wake up Jews. Trump’s a calamity for Yidden.


  8. That filthy demented Alzheimer diseased TREASONOUS America and Israel hating and terrorist loving DemonRat (sewer rat) in the White House, is a thousand times a bigger danger to Jews and Israel than Kanye West or that other meshuggener Fuentes.

  9. Several points:

    1. We have no reason to believe any of this is true.

    2. If it’s true that he set up a meeting with these two, it was unwise of him. Not morally wrong, or indicative of some kind of recessive antisemitic gene lurking in him — he’s entitled to meet whomever he likes and we have no right to demand that he boycott anyone we don’t like — but unwise.

    3. Fuentes has no connection with the Republican Party and is unwelcome at any Republican event. If he ever tries setting foot at one, he will be thrown out as soon as he is recognized.

    4. In the Democrat Party, on the other hand, people far worse than Fuentes are welcome with open arms, the party refuses to condemn them, and leading Democrats, up to and including Biden, meet with them routinely and nobody makes a fuss about it. That’s for RT the liar, who pretends there’d be a fuss if Biden did this; the fact is that he does it all the time and nobody says a word.

    5. Miriam, I am calling you a liar too. I don’t believe you were ever a Trump supporter.

  10. @Milhouse
    Points number 2 and 4 contradict themselves.

    If it is “unwise” but “not morally wrong, or indicative of some kind of recessive antisemitic gene lurking in him” and “he’s entitled to meet whomever he likes and we have no right to demand that he boycott anyone we don’t like” then the same should hold true for Democrat politicians, no? Yet, you are very judged-y of who Democrats meet with. Why the double standard?

  11. Oh please!! Enough with the “anti semitism” already. It is not our job as jews to make sure the world loves us. Hashem created the world that the goyim should hate us and for good reason, that we don’t mingle with them. If u are a confident and believing jew none of this would bother you. And saying “it’s inciting violence we must stop it” is only a false front u guys put on to shadow your sensitivity and desire for respect and acceptance from the goyim. The more covered this gets the more “violence” ur inciting. West is not sitting in a rocking chair contemplating his views because he got canceled. Quite the contrary. Making a fuss of it only leads to viralizing his views. Forcing him to stop publicly hating you is not making him love you! When will u guys get it. And besides, the “jews” he is speaking out about are NOT the jews u want to defend, they are the scums of the earth Hollywood elitists who are behind every tumah there is in the world. Yes, it is well known throughout chazal that bad jews are worse than the worst of the goyim. These are not people we ought to defend.

  12. If I am not mistaken he warned the oilam about a month ago that if they are not appreciative of his actions on behalf of the Medinas hashmad that you will pay.

    The Don we know does not issue empty threats.

  13. Not fake. The Trump campaign has copped to the meetings. And it is claiming that Trump didn’t know who Fuentes is. Trump also claimed that he didn’t know who David Duke is.

    This is the same Trump who praised Nazi marchers in Charlottesville as “very fine people”.

    Had Biden done this the entire Democratic Party would be howling in protest. But apparently White Supremacists and anti-Semites are okay for Republicans.

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