How hard is it to immigrate to Israel


Have you ever considered immigrating to Israel? If so, you know that there are complexities you will have to consider, and forms will need to be filled in to make this happen. Immigration to Israel is not always a straightforward process.

Indeed, immigrating to Israel can be extremely challenging for anyone with no roots in the country. Jewish people or people marrying Israeli citizens will have an easier time, but anyone outside these groups will likely struggle. If you plan to work, study or volunteer in Israel, you may be able to get a temporary visa, but gaining citizenship is immensely challenging.

In this article, we’ll learn more about how to immigrate to Israel and how difficult it can be. We will also briefly examine marrying an Israeli citizen and becoming an Israeli student.

Is It Difficult To Immigrate To Israel?

It is tough to immigrate to Israel for most people. The country does not accept foreigners as citizens, and there are few ways to gain citizenship in this country.

If you are Jewish and wish to live in Israel permanently, you will find things much easier – but if you aren’t, there are a lot of steps you will have to take. The most typical way to get permission to stay in Israel (beyond a 90-day vacation visa) is to obtain a work visa, known as a B/1 work visa.

To obtain one of these, you will need to be in one of the following categories:

●     Foreign scientist

●     Vocational expert (in a short-term position)

●     Specialist worker in academia

●     Specialist worker in non-academia

●     Post-doctoral research fellow

●     Foreign journalist

These will give you permission to stay and work in Israel, although they will not grant you citizenship. Getting permanent residence in Israel is very challenging. It is decided on a case-by-case basis by the Israeli government – so you will simply have to try and present solid reasons for your desire to relocate.

Can You Immigrate To Israel If You Marry An Israeli Citizen?

Marrying in the country or having a long-term relationship with an Israeli does make things easier, but it is still a challenging journey for most individuals. You will have to apply first for a temporary residence visa, which only lasts for a year. You will then need to renew this annually until the permanent residency process has been completed.

This often takes around 5 years; after this point, you can decide whether to become a citizen or permanent resident of Israel.

Can You Study In Israel?

You will need an Israeli A/2 Student Visa if you want to study in Israel, and this will require you to show proof that you have been accepted into a recognized academic institution. You will also have to have a passport that remains valid for your entire stay, and proof that your tuition has been paid.

A student permit will usually only last for one year, and then you will have to repeat the process if you wish to continue studying in Israel.

What Is Aliyah?

If you are Jewish, you have the right to return to Israel under the Law of Return – and the process is called Aliyah. You must either be Jewsih or have formally converted to Judaism, been born to at least one Jewish parent, or have a Jewish grandparent to invoke this right.

You can settle in Israel as soon as you receive Aliyah and Israeli citizenship, so you will be allowed to live and work there.


It is challenging for most people to immigrate to Israel, and getting permanent residency can be nearly impossible if you are not Jewish or marry an Israeli citizen. However, you may be able to get the right to work in the country using a B/1 work visa, or be eligible for a temporary visa.