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Trump Declares Pence “Innocent Man” After Classified Docs Found at His Home

Former President Donald Trump defended his vice president Mike Pence on Truth Social after lawyers for the former veep’s lawyers said a number of materials with classified markings were found at his home in Carmel, Indiana.

“Mike Pence is an innocent man,” Trump wrote. “He never did anything knowingly dishonest in his life. Leave him alone!!!”

It isn’t quite clear whether Trump is being serious in his defense of Pence or poking fun at him, considering that his relationship with his former vice president has been ice cold since Pence refused to oblige by his demands that he not certify the 2020 elections results.

For his part, Pence insists that he had no knowledge of classified materials being in his possession and says that they were inadvertently brought to his home by aides after he left the vice presidency.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

4 Responses

  1. President Donald Trump was being absolutely 💯 authentic & so correct about Vice President Mike Pence absolute impeccable honesty & definitely totally innocent

  2. Pence has been a model of probity his entire life. The idea that he suddenly did something wrong is just ridiculous. On the contrary, we’re only talking about him because, after documents were found in other people’s homes he had the thought that, even though he knew of no documents in his possession, it would be worthwhile to have a lawyer search just in case. As soon as the lawyer found something, he reported it immediately. Very unlike Biden, whose lawyer found them accidentally and reported it, not to law enforcement but to the White House, which covered it up until it was sure to come out anyway, and then reported it, again not to law enforcement, but to the friendly staff at the archives. Also unlike Trump, who was in the middle of negotiations with the archives over what they should get and what he could keep, when the archivist decided to get his own way by sending in the FBI to confiscate everything.

  3. Has Obama’s personal residence and storage and garage been checked for TOP SECRET IRAN DEAL AND ALL THE LIES HE SPEWED WITH HIS ADMINISTRATION OR HE IS EXEMPT BECAUSE HE IS THE FIRST 1/2 BLACK PRESIDENT? The stench of Swamp !!

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