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FLATBUSH: Attempted Abduction of Child From Shul, Suspect Arrested Inside Nearby Yeshiva

A frightening story of an attempted abduction of a child prompted a swfit response from the NYPD and Flatbush Shomrim on Wednesday morning.

Sources tell YWN that a man attempted to abduct a child from a Shul on East 7th Street between Kings Highway and Avenue R. The child was at a family Simcha when the incident occurred.

The mother quickly called 911 and Flatbush Shomrim, who arrived within moments immediately commenced a search for the suspect.

The suspect was eventually found by Flatbush Shomrim hiding in a nearby Yeshiva. It has been confirmed to YWN that the suspect has absolutely no connection to the Yeshiva, and that this is not a case of a custody battle as the perpetrator has no relation or prior connection to the family of his victim.

Sources further tell YWN that the suspect immediately admitted what he did to NYPD detectives and was taken into custody without further incident.

NYPD Community Affairs Units tell YWN that there will be extra NYPD patrols in the area following this incident.



(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. From the wording of the article it sounds like the suspect is a religious Jew. Goes to show we must be vigilant when our children are in a public space. Anyone can do harm to us even our own.

  2. Gadolhadorah,

    This is not a racism issue. It is very scary to know that one of our own would do something like this under our noses. This is obvious.

  3. JayD: Instead of instructing the velt to “stop talking”, why don’t you simply state in general terms what happened (w/o names or specifics) instead of simply encouraging more speculation.

  4. OK relax. All these YWN sources are FALSE!!!! Everyone has the story wrong. Every news outlet trying to make a story up a religious Jew. my wife was at this event and is best friends with the aunt.
    First of all he is connected to the yeshiva next door. He isn’t a stranger and wasn’t hiding there. He learns there on a daily basis. Secondly every morning before first Seder he learns in the place of the incident. The story literally was nothing at all. YWN has bad sources. The story is that there was a group of women standing around and he doesn’t walk between women and the boy didn’t let him pass so he picked him up to pass. And things went out of hand from there. CONFIRMED!! Don’t ruin a Jews life!!!

  5. I always knew that YWN hates Hasidim they’ll jump on any story that can bash a follow Jew (according to NYP) so the world can see our beauty
    But I didn’t know that they can dance with a yeshiva story as well

  6. This is an eye account witness I saw on another website. Be careful with jumping to conclusions and ruin someone’s life. You wouldn’t want that to happen to you or your family members either.

    The story isn’t true that’s not what happened. I was there. what happened was the child was making noise in the synagogue and this person studies there every day and what happened was this person asked that boy to please leave as he was bothering people studying there but he didn’t listen and continue making noise that was bothering everyone and not leaving the synagogue. But when the boy did walk out to the hall the man showed him the door and asked him nicely to leave but when he didn’t he just took a hold of his shirt and guided him to the door. that was the whole story this whole thing is a lie and should have never been in the news
    I was there when it happened at the brit that was going on at that time. I saw how it played out and it’s disgusting how the shomrim came acting like they saved the day when all saw what happened but the mother reacted falsely because someone told her son off. Please fix the story and get facts straight before things like this are posted

  7. @Biggboy614, Your story doesn’t really add up. And if that was the case he could’ve clarified that on the spot and the mom would’ve dropped the charges.
    Also your version were it true is a perfect example of “krum not frum”!

  8. YWN there is videos that prove everything published in all public platforms were false. And indeed all he was doing was trying to get by a group of women blocking. Like 2 other people in the video. And the mother only called on him because they didn’t know him. And he clearly did not attempt to kidnap at all!!!! The mother did not even attempt to grab the kid back. We request that anyone with a public platform get your facts straight before you ruin someone’s life. The family is convinced he’s innocent as well as of last night

  9. @long island yid. There is video to prove it. And the mom is obviously getting over protective over her child and refused to hear anything even when the man accused came over to her house with askonim to convince her. But even now the family agrees with him

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