WATCH: Lindsey Graham Goes to Bat for Trump, Tells Potential 2024 Rivals to Back Off

(AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib, File)

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is telling potential 2024 presidential candidates not to challenge Donald Trump for the Republican nomination, arguing that they don’t have the capabilities he does.

“How will other candidates distinguish themselves against Donald Trump if they agree with his policies?” Fox News host Sean Hannity asked Graham.

“I really don’t know,” Graham replied. “But I do know this. We’re lucky as a party to have Mike Pompeo, who was a terrific secretary of state, Nikki Haley, a strong voice in the U.N. for the America First agenda.”

“And to all these people who are very talented, I don’t think you could do what he did,” Graham said. “And I want him to have another shot. Unfinished business.”

Asked how “nasty” the Republican primaries could become, Graham said he expected a “spirited” debate over whom to nominate.

“We need to get ready for a real spirited contest,” Graham said. “I’m for Donald Trump because I know what I’m gonna get. We need somebody that on day one can get this country back on track, that can secure our border and bring order out of chaos, somebody the Russians and the Chinese fear, somebody that can take the fight to the terrorists. The Abraham Accords are the result of Donald Trump impressing the Israelis and the Arabs. He is the best solution to the problems we face.”

“There are no Trump policies without Donald Trump,” he concluded.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Calling him Lady Lindsey is following what those who claim Graham secretly lives an alternate lifestyle and enjoys proclivities. Change the headline.

  2. BS.
    Trump needs to be defeated. At all costs.
    Tell me what DeSantis cant do what Trump could? Rubbish!
    For once He’s a decent man and can unite the party.
    Trump era has expired.
    Time for new blood.
    Done and over.

  3. It is inappropriate to make fun of a leading conservative politician with whom we have had good relations.

    The primary capability that Trump lacks is the ability to win elections against the Democrats. He does have the capability to (de facto) pick a Republican nominee other than himself and more importantly, to be the guest of honor at his (or her) inauguration in 2025. Trump needs to decide between being the kingmaker and senior statesman, or the goat responsible for American going full woke.

  4. So Graham is saying that to get the benefits of Trump’s policies you have to pay the price of his obnoxious personality, racist and misogynistic rants etc. I don’t think that many Republicans will agree.