GET OUT: Rep. Lawler Says Ilhan Omar Has Only Herself to Blame for Ouster


New York Rep. Mike Lawler (NY-17) on Thursday hailed the ouster of Rep. Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, telling YWN that the Minnesota Democrat has no place being on the powerful panel.

Omar was tossed from the committee in a 218-211 vote following raucous debate during which Democrats accused Republicans of targeting the congresswoman over her gender and faith.

Lawler says nothing could be further from the truth, and it was the things she said and did which undid her.

“Her words and actions as a member of Congress have anti-Semitic, and people saying and doing those things don’t belong on the Foreign Affairs Committee,” Lawler said.

“The Committee is an important and powerful one – it is seen around the world as speaking for United States’ views on foreign world affairs, and as such, we need responsible people whose views align with America’s foreign policy views,” Lawler continued. “Ilhan Omar has made clear that her positions do not comport with Americans’ views – not on Israel and not on a host of other issues.”

“She has not been held accountable for rhetoric throughout the years, including her stunning comment that ‘some people did something’ on 9/11, which as a New Yorker, I found deeply offensive,” he added.

“There are hundreds of other Democrats that can be appointed to the Foreign Affairs Committee. Ilhan Omar doesn’t need to be on it, and she shouldn’t be on it. I was proud to vote to kick her off and I’d do again. My district has over 100,000 practicing Jews in it, and we cannot have such individuals on powerful committees when anti-Semitism is rising in New York and across the country,” Lawler concluded.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. She recently went on a talk show and said that she didn’t know it was antisemitic to say that the Jews control everything. Now, after she was removed from the committee, she says that she fought the power and the power fought back (still, I guess, not antisemitic)

  2. proves not much at all, her voice will grow and her partners will expand….she lies and it seems so does most of America…..Biden need not be president …. didn’t win it….son is stealing America and this dipstick of a Muslim is now booted off her roost….good…now the mouth will expand and the hurt will continue at a larger scale…more people will get hurt and same old story….you need to all get to your knees and PRAY

  3. Sara Rifka, “you need to all get to your knees and PRAY”?? It seems that Sara Rifka is not Jewish, nor aware of Jewish religious practice.

  4. “218-211”?!

    you mean 211 voted to keep her? is there a published list of who they are? the only way that representatives can be accountable to represent their constituents, is by publishing how they vote in congress.