ALL BARK, NO BITE: Russia’s Nuclear Weapons Don’t Work Anymore, Kremlin Defector Claims

(Sergei Bobylev/TASS News Agency Host Pool Photo via AP)

A former Russian spy living in hiding in the United States claims that Russia no longer has any nuclear bombs, the German Bild newspaper reported Sunday.

“I am sure of that,” says former KGB officer Yuri Schwez, who has been living in the US for years. He claims that he has reliable sources in the Kremlin and the Russian defense industry who have confirmed this for him.

The ex-spy says that Russia’s nuclear weapons program is outdated and plagued by technical problems.

“Most of the missiles that are supposed to be armed with nuclear warheads simply do not work,” he claims. According to him, the Russian leadership has been covering up this fact for years.

The former spy also claims that the recent explosion at a Russian military base, which killed several people, was related to the country’s nuclear program.

“It was a failed test of a new missile system,” he says. The Russian government denied any connection between the explosion and its nuclear program.

The ex-spy’s claims cannot be independently verified, and his identity has not been revealed for security reasons. However, his statements could fuel speculation about the state of Russia’s nuclear arsenal and the country’s military capabilities.

Relations between Russia and the West have been tense in recent years, with disputes over Ukraine, Syria, and allegations of Russian interference in Western elections. The issue of nuclear weapons has also been a contentious topic, with both the US and Russia investing in modernizing their nuclear arsenals.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)