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LECHEM ONI: Soaring Prices Could Make Pesach Exorbitantly Expensive This Year

Although there were some indications in mid-January that inflation might be easing, the kosher consumer has not yet seen any relief, as food prices continue to surge, Kosher Today reports.

Food industry executives anticipate a bleak Pesach season, with kosher food prices expected to rise by approximately 12% compared to last year. For example, prices for essential Pesach staples such as eggs and potatoes are predicted to remain high. A pound of potatoes is expected to cost around 50 cents, while a dozen eggs may average over $3. This is still an improvement over the recent $5 price tag for eggs, but experts caution that bird flu could still result in further shortages, despite moderated demand and increased supply.

Inflation is also affecting Jewish communities in Europe and Israel, where the new government has pledged to implement Pesach price controls.

Meanwhile, inflation has translated into higher costs for Pesach programs, as operators are compelled to pass on inflationary prices to customers. Hotel room rates and air travel are also surging, making those programs less affordable than ever.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Nebuch on the people who have to pay a little higher for their pesach programs. There’s absolutely no need for most people to go to luxury and it has to be paid for if they want it.

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