Official Data Shows Covid Vaccines Could Triple Sudden Cardiac Death Risk In Women Under 30

(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File)

New data released by the UK government today reveals that COVID-19 vaccines could potentially increase the risk of sudden cardiac death in young women.

The government analyzed data from England’s vaccine rollout and found no significant increase in deaths among the vaccinated. However, when the data was broken down further, it revealed an elevated risk of cardiac-related deaths in women for one type of vaccine.

Women who received non-mRNA vaccines were 3.5 times more likely to die of cardiac ailments within 12 weeks of being vaccinated, according to data from the Office for National Statistics.

However, the study did not directly prove that any deaths were caused by the vaccine, as fatalities could have been from an unrelated health condition or even a COVID-19 infection itself.

No similar heightened risk was found in men, and researchers did not offer a reason for this.

The study also found that unvaccinated young people had a significantly higher chance of dying from all causes than the vaccinated.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I’m confused, young women were 3.5 times more at risk for cardiac related deaths, yet there’s no one that is actually tied to dying because of it.

  2. Things will get far worse. I just want to say that I am sorry. I tried to warn you all. The problem was that I was not yet recognized as a gadol at the time of the warning. In fact, I faced defmation per se in attribution of some loathsome mental disease that I do not possess or was censored in what was probably a psyop. Anyway, I just want you to know that I completed sha”s for the first time not too long ago, I still am trying to finish all midrashim to conclude all divrei chazal on record and to complete a semichah program, I still neglected a lot of rishonim besides the Rambam, but just give me a few more years or decades, and perhaps at some point some others will recognize my gadlus, which might lead to greater public recognition of that fact, and by then, if no person or institution will have compromised me, like to buy me off, to blackmail me, or to ensure I’m incapacitated while being asked trick questions on important matters, by then I will be able to convey some important information to the greater public, you know, stuff like that it’s a bad idea to try to hack your genes with some mystery Avei Avos HaTumah substance grown from the corpse of a murdered fetus just cuz a corrupt regime and a bunch of sketchy akum (literal Science-worshipping) shills tried to coerce you into a novel “medical treatment” despite a whole sugiya in Avodah Zarah and in Hilchos Rotzeach uShimras haNefesh about not receiving medical treatments from them unless a matter of life or death cuz the treatment actually might be a danger to your life… Also, you know, like chukkos bnei Noach, any nation that fails to uphold in its dinim another prohibition like murder is fair game like was Shechem according to the Rambam in Hilchos Melachim uMilchamos. Plus, you know, a preponderance of evidence the powers that be are convinced the world is overpopulated and appear to be waging a war of depopulation against the plebes, so extra reason to be cautious about threats to health? I mean, I could have written the shu”t before finishing sha”s, citing all the sources I knew then as compelling reasons not to get jabbed, but my warning would have fallen on deaf ears, since I didn’t have a good name then or now, but the honest truth is I also kind of just assumed that the threat of the vax would be obvious to anyone with the least bit of sechel. I’m sorry I assumed that. I feel guilty about it and also that I didn’t find a more strategic way to break through the censorhsip and psyop libel stuff. Perhaps my comments should have been more nuanced? Not sure. Anyway, sorry. Maybe in a decade or so, with the next generation that didn’t vax out, if shedding isn’t much of a risk and they survive, maybe then I’ll be able to point out some obvious sugiyos to them to help them make better life choices.

  3. What a joke. YWN seems to be trying to protect themselves from blame for not warning the community while at the same time shield themselves from accusations of being “anti-vax,” hence this ridiculous article that is a stirah minei u’beih. The covid shots don’t increase death, but they DO increase cardiac death among young women? Haha. Sad news flash: ALL the shots, non-“mrna” and “mrna” alike, greatly increase all cause death, in all ages. And heart attacks, blood clots, strokes, and sudden aggressive cancers. And miscarriages, stillbirths, and birth defects. WHY are people so BLIND and dumb that they need to wait for a “study” to tell them that a novel medical product is dangerous, instead of intelligently waiting enough years to see the effects on those who take it and the next generation they give birth to, before running to inject unknown substances manufactured by untrustworthy AKU”M into themselves and their precious children? P.S. A good clue into the ridiculousness of the study quoted in the article is the implied nonsensical claim that the covid shot decreased death from other causes.

  4. the article is Risk of death following COVID-19 vaccination or positive SARS-CoV-2 test in young people
    in England, in Nature Communications March 27, 2023

    This summary mentions that there was no increased risk for mRNA and increased risk for one age group for women for non-mRNA vaccine, but does not mention elevated risk for those who got a positive Covid test 11.6x increase in the first week after the test (or 2x over 12-weeks as the vaccine risk was estimated).

    Article also notes
    – this risk of the non-mrna vaccine was seen early in UK and non-mrna was stopped for young people in April 2021.
    – UK used a longer time period between mRNA vaccines than other countries and possibly that is the reason for reduced risk.

  5. NOTE: According to this data (published by ONS & Nature Med Journal) “WOMEN who received non-mRNA vaccines were 3.5x more likely to die of cardiac ailments..”
    That is for jabs like AZ, Novovax & JNJ.

    For Pfizer & Modena mRNA based, the myocardial cardiac ailments in that same age group are by far greater in MEN and neurological adverse events are more prevalent in women.

    People’s physiologically vastly differ, so when it comes to this “one size fits all C19 solution”, pick your poison carefully in case you’re still listening to drug-pusher posheim.

  6. First of all those injections you are referring to are not vaccines and have never been tested, hopefully nothing harmful was inside and no one will be harmed anymore