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WATCH: The Burmese Shwekey? “Vehi She’Amda” in Bangkok

Mala, a Burmese worker in the Chabad house in Bangkok, Thailand, recently sang Vehi Sheamda together with dozens of Chabad bochurim.

The amusing video was published on the Hebrew-language Chabad COL website.

The bochurim are in Thailand to assist in the preparation of the huge public sedarim offered at Chabad houses throughout the country on Pesach.

Chabad shliach in Bangkok Rav Nechemia Wilhelm spoke to Artuz Sheva last month about the new Chabad Center in Bangkok.

“After so many years in Thailand, finally we have our own place, a place for the Jewish people where everybody can come here and make himself at home,” he said.

“Every year in Thailand we used to have about 5,000 guests. Now after COVID, we have much more. We’re planning for 8,000 to 10,000 Jews that will attend our sedarim in Bangkok [and six other Thai cities].”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

11 Responses

  1. A lot better than the leader singer at the chassanah we attended last night. I’m sure there are some that will find something to kvetch about but as a regular at chabad houses in China and Southeast Asia, kol hakovod and much hatzlacha with their new facility.

  2. by this time in History, Israel is the only home….seeing this sining fling of a human makes me want to stay put in Israel and not visit a home where butterflies fall….neither do I find a goy singing our songs in a venue like this……shame on you…..

  3. I’m sure this is really the eibishters rotzon to have some drek howling in front of an Ohron Hakoidesh in a beis hamedrash if I could see it correctly.. I am aware of certain botei medrashim where they do not allow the cleaners to enter the beis hamedrash even to clean and leave it to mispalelim, we see how important and how much kovod we neeed for a mokoim kodoish. #HatzlochoInBangkok.

  4. I found this actually wonderful –He sang with so much heart, I wonder if somewhere in his DNA there is a pintele Yid.

  5. @Gadolhadorah
    “I’m sure there are some that will find something to kvetch about but…”
    Literally the previous sentence:
    “A lot better than the leader singer at the chassanah we attended last night.”

    I’m surprised that anyone would invite you to a chassunah. Nebach, the family members that are obliged to invite someone as stupid and evil as you to their events.

  6. @Sara Rifka
    That is a disgusting, bigoted and ignorant comment. Shame on you. The singer in the video – if you’re reading this – the vast majority of Jewish people do not think like this horrible individual… Great job!

  7. @CYM there’s no need, really no need to get soo wound up… My point is very straight forward, There are somethings which come with “hargoshoh”, I would say that the vast majority of frum yidden would share my view on this one. Good luck and may you be zoicheh to have a bit of a “gefeal” for yiddishkeit. Zei gezunt und a kosheren pesach

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