Software for everyday office life


Digitalization has explicitly changed working life. Whereas years ago, people used the phone to discuss business matters, today people rely on e-mail or communication with messenger services such as WhatsApp or Facebook. With the outbreak of the corona crisis in particular, the world of work has undergone decisive reforms. Personal meetings and business trips are giving way to digital communication with video conferencing systems such as Zoom or Skype. This development also has an impact on the private sector.

With advancing digitization, networked software for office communication is becoming more important and popular. For this reason, programs that can be used in everyday private or business office life such as an online converter play a more decisive role in the office especially for those non-tech savvy people who don’t know how to convert files. Microsoft Office is the most well-known representative of programs for the office as well as free software such as LibreOffice or Open Office are used by billions of people worldwide every day.

This is why software is important for professional office communication

If you look at the challenges that companies or individuals face as a result of globalization, you can understand why modern office communication software is essential. With their products, companies are in competition with many other national and international companies. Due to different framework conditions, products can be produced and marketed more cheaply in some countries. Against this background, it is all the more crucial to set up professional marketing for your own product portfolio that conveys added value and advantages. At the same time, it is essential to be able to react quickly and efficiently to customer inquiries.

Interested customers ask for an offer for the new refrigerator. The global price calculation, which includes all material and manufacturing costs, is drawn up in complex calculations in Microsoft Excel. Countless tables are linked to create a fair and adequate offer for each customer. In addition to calculating the costs, Microsoft Excel is also used in the company to calculate the internal personnel costs and to record many other processes in the form of calculations.

After the bid price was worked out in Microsoft Excel, the company uses Microsoft Word to create a meaningful and motivational cover letter. This is structured in an understandable way and conveys the advantages and added value of the product and the offer. Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel were linked to a CRM program for this purpose. This automatically inserts the contact details of the interested party into the letter and saves the offer on an internal server. In the last step, the range of goods is sent individually by email with Microsoft Outlook.

The example clearly shows how important modern software is in the office. Modern office communication tasks or the calculation of offers would be more difficult and error-prone without networked software applications. In addition to Microsoft Office programs, which are used by many companies as the market leader, the requirements in the above example could also be carried out with free software such as LibreOffice.

It is essential that the individual functions of the programs in the office are sensibly networked with one another. The creation of high-quality presentations, professional word processing, correct spreadsheet calculations and other applications are possible with modern office software. In many cases, results can be displayed after just a few clicks.

At the same time, software like Microsoft Office is of little use if it cannot be operated professionally. For this reason, it is crucial that employees in the office or private users know and use the possibilities of the software applications. In this case, modern office software such as Microsoft Office or Libre Office fulfills its purpose and helps users to communicate effectively and individually.

Microsoft Office – the flagship in office software

Microsoft Office has been available as office software since 1989. Initially intended exclusively for the Macintosh, additional versions of Microsoft Office for Windows were quickly released. In the first version, the applications that are well known today were:

· Microsoft Word

· Microsoft Excel

· Microsoft PowerPoint

·  Microsoft mail

Microsoft Office has continued to evolve over time. Different editions for different tasks can currently be purchased in stores.  It can be obtained for the most common operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, iOS or Linux. The price includes the fully installed versions of Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Windows or Mac for a PC. Students with an enrolment card receive

Summary: Software for the office does a lot and saves valuable time in everyday office life

Software programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint and their free alternatives have become indispensable in the office. The daily tasks and challenges in everyday office life can be solved professionally with specific software for presentations, spreadsheets, word processing and databases.

The functions and possibilities of office software have constantly changed over the years. Microsoft Office is currently standard on a Windows PC and is mainly used by companies. Microsoft Office can also be used on the Mac and on devices with the iOS operating system or the platform’s own Apple iWork software can be used.

Which package users ultimately choose depends on the specific requirements that need to be professionally solved in the office. In any case, office software makes a decisive contribution to efficient and networked work in the office and in the private sphere.