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ANYONE BELIEVE THIS CNN POLL? Trump’s Support Declines After Indictment

Recent polling data indicates a decline in support for former President Donald Trump, as revealed just weeks after his indictment on 37 felony charges. These charges include allegations of willfully retaining national defense information and conspiring to obstruct justice, offenses that could potentially lead to prison time if he is convicted.

According to a CNN poll, Republican support for Trump has waned since the indictment. The survey found that 47% of Republican and Republican-leaning registered voters now consider Trump their first choice for the Republican nomination, down from 53% in a previous CNN poll conducted in May.

The CNN poll, conducted entirely after Trump’s arraignment, also shed light on public opinion regarding his indictment. The majority of Americans surveyed expressed approval of Trump’s indictment. However, 71% of respondents believed that politics played a role in the decision to charge the former president.

In terms of favorability among Republican-aligned voters, Trump experienced a decline of 10% since the last CNN poll in May, now standing at 67%.

A FiveThirtyEight polling average displayed a slight decrease in Republican support for Trump following the indictment, with numbers dropping from 53.8% to 53.5%.

Regarding the potential candidates vying for the Republican nomination, the CNN poll found that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Trump’s chief challenger at present, maintained steady support at 26%. Former Vice President Mike Pence experienced a slight increase in support, rising from 6% to 9%, while Senator Tim Scott saw a small boost from 2% to 4%. Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, however, witnessed a decline from 6% to 5%.

Polling conducted subsequent to the indictment has yielded varying results, with some surveys indicating growing support for the former president, while others show diminishing support among GOP voters. A Morning Consult poll released last week demonstrated that 59% of potential GOP primary voters would choose Trump if the primary were held that day—an increase from the previous week’s 55% prior to the indictment. In contrast, a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted after the indictment indicated only a slight dip in support for Trump. About 43% of self-identified Republicans stated that Trump was their preferred candidate, compared to 49% in May. However, it’s worth noting that the Reuters/Ipsos poll was conducted before DeSantis entered the race.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. I believe it, because my own support for Trump is even weaker since the indictment. If Trump keeps insisting on shooting himself in the foot, no one needs to keep bailing him out.

  2. 2024 Republican Presidential Nomination Emerson Trump 59, DeSantis 21, Pence 6, Haley 4, Scott 2, Christie 2, Ramaswamy 2, Hutchinson 1, Elder, Burgum 1 Trump +38

    2024 Republican Presidential Nomination Emerson Trump 59, DeSantis 21, Pence 6, Haley 4, Scott 2, Christie 2, Ramaswamy 2, Hutchinson 1, Elder, Burgum 1 Trump +38

  4. 1. A CNN sponsored poll is likely to overrepresent CNN viewers, and many of those polled will try to give the answer they perceive CNN as preferring.

    2. All polls seem to agree that most Americans would be delighted if Trump and Biden both decided that it was time to retire for public life, and pursue a “career” as retired senior statesmen. Also all polls suggest that most Americans think the candidate they hate is so awful, that they have no choice but to support Trump or Biden (depending which one they hate) as the best alternative.

  5. Why not believe it? The Trump pool of voters is basically set. He is way too polarizing to accrue significantly higher support, he’s reached his ceiling and the only direction support goes is down.

  6. I hope not. That’s the game they’re trying to play. They want people to think that this ridiculous indictment is actually “Legit”
    When it is clearly a political stunt.
    Even the actual charges are false since they are not indicting him for taking the documents but for refusing to return right away and espionage. Both of those charges are ridiculous. 1 He is not a Spy. And 2. The DOJ Subpoenaed Him for the documents which they never did before to any president, so he didn’t listen, he wanted to go through it more.
    This would not waver anyone’s support unless they only read headlines.
    Also YWN is worse then CNN
    #MAGA TRUMP 2024

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