WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? FBI Blocks Request For Info About Fraud In 2020 Election

(AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall, File)

Concerns over government transparency have surged after the FBI denied a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by Just the News. The request sought details concerning the investigation into GBI Strategies and allegations of voter registration fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Initial investigations were launched by Michigan city and state authorities focusing on GBI Strategies’ activities. However, the FBI swiftly took over the investigation, maintaining contact with local law enforcement through 2022.

In their bid to reveal more about this investigation, Just the News submitted a FOIA request. They aimed to obtain “all reports, documents, and records about GBI Strategies,” especially communications with Michigan officials and law enforcement agencies.

Last week, the FBI declined the request, citing the ongoing nature of the investigation. Their response to Just the News claimed that releasing this information could interfere with ongoing enforcement proceedings.

In the meantime, the Michigan attorney general’s office has acknowledged a state investigation into possible fraudulent voter registrations, which was eventually passed on to the FBI. Danny Wimmer, press secretary for the state attorney general, disclosed that approximately 8,000 to 10,000 voter registration forms were presented to the Muskegon clerk before the 2020 election. Some of these were suspected to be fraudulent.

Wimmer stressed, however, that the fraudulent material did not affect any part of the electoral process, stating, “This attempted fraud was detected because the system worked.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The line at the end of the article “Wimmer stressed, however, that the fraudulent material did not affect any part of the electoral process, stating, “This attempted fraud was detected because the system worked.”” is laughable. the question is if there are known attempts of fraud that were caught, one can assume that there were many other attempts as well that were not caught.

  2. FBI is hiding what everyone already knows that President Donald Trump שליט”א was duly reelected, and that crooked Joe Biden stole the elections.
    Quite likely also hiding that this water pipe was intentionally busted, to holt election counting @2am, when #’s were going well for President Donald Trump שליט”א

  3. The same people who believe that the fraud is a Big Lie, are the sane idiot sheep who believe in Faucci, that Corona came from bats in a cave.
    Everyone now knows for sure, what we have always said, that Faucci sponsored Corona in a lab.
    And Trump won the election by far. It wasn’t even close.
    I am a witness. Pennsylvania and Georgia clearly were stolen, there is no denying that.
    And that made the difference …..

    Remember the 1.5 Million votes that were found in Philly after Trump won Pennsylvania by 750k votes?
    Remember at 9pm, when the media (stupidly) announced that a pipe burst in the Atlanta office, where they were counting the Mail-in ballots, and that they wouldn’t be able to continue counting until tomorrow (after they knew just how nany “votes” thry needed to overturn Trumps win)??