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WATCH: Trump Bashes Biden’s Incompetence, Makes Major Gaffe, And Praises Dictators

Former President Donald Trump took aim at President Joe Biden’s foreign policy team during a speech in Hialeah, Florida, on Wednesday, labeling them as “incompetent.” However, shortly after his criticism, Trump made his own incompetent gaffe by inflating the population of North Korea by more than a billion as he praised Kim Jong Un.

Amidst a backdrop of a Republican presidential primary debate on NBC News, Trump delivered a speech filled with his usual rhetoric. He reiterated his previous lavishing of praise on authoritarian leaders and criticized the media for its reaction to these commendations.

During the address, Trump, in an attempt to underscore the capabilities of murderous dictators like Kim Jong Un of North Korea, mistakenly claimed that Kim leads over 1.4 billion people—a figure that vastly exceeds the actual population of North Korea, which stands at approximately 25 million.

“You know, when you deal with China, President Xi and North Korea, Kim Jong Un and Russia, Putin, you deal with all these people. The press hates when I say they’re smart. “He said they were smart!”. Well, what am I supposed to say? They’re stupid people?” Trump rhetorically asked.

“Kim Jong Un leads 1.4 billion people. And there’s no doubt about who the boss is. And they want me to say he’s not an intelligent man,” Trump continued. “They get very personal when I say that because they’re fake news. That’s why they do that. They’re fake. They’re fake people, and they’re hurting our country very badly.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Nowhere in his speech did he praise him. He was only pointing out the twisted minds of the leftists, who claim that evil people can’t be intelagent. Intelect is only a good thing when used for good. Many very clever but evil peolpe have used their intelalgence to harm others. IT IS ABOUT TIME PEOPLE START TO UNDERSTAND THIS!!!

  2. he obviously meant xi and said kim. and the anti-trumpers pounced. it’s sad, but he’s still a better choice than the guy who bailed in kabul, invited the war in ukraine and is still desperately trying to get nukes for tehran. they used to say that gerald ford couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time – remember that the next time biden stumbles, literally or figuratively.

  3. Being smart and being ruthless are two very different things.

    I think many honest people would admit President Trump is not the sharpest crayon in the box. None of the professors at Wharton recalled him and he sued to prevent his transcripts from being released. He banters around the same adjectives over and over, most of which seem to be hyperbole. But to deny he isn’t ruthless could be a mistake of grave proportions. Just ask Rex Tillerson, who said Trump is dumb as dirt and promptly ended up out on the street.

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