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Top things to focus on before buying the BT phone signal booster

The importance of a proper constant signal and stable connection on a device like your smartphone cannot be overstated. It means, you have reliable communication 24/7, you can streamline online events without interruption and so on. Whether it is for personal reasons or business tasks, a consistent signal in the UK is necessary at all times. However, users often face disruptions during communications and this can occur for various reasons.

Luckily, there is the option of a BT or British Telecommunications mobile signal booster. The solution strengthens signals regardless of your location according to UCtel. With so many solutions in the UK, it becomes difficult to choose which one to use. So let’s find out which features or characteristics make a BT mobile phone signal booster a good option!

Features and main things to look for

Yes, a BT booster is a must when it comes to reliable connection, especially for your business purposes. What’s interesting, a poor network connection can even cause distress as you or your employees won’t be able to contact instantly or without disruption. Because of the many options on the market, understanding what exact profit you can get for when buying a signal booster would be helpful.

Another thing to keep in mind is the place of usage and aim. When we speak about this feature, your pick certainly has to depend on your location whether it is for your home or office, for public purposes or your own needs. Here are some things to inquire about before purchasing a booster:

1. Coverage

BT Mobile operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator and relies on the EE or “Everything Everywhere” telecommunications service in the (UK) network. The speed may vary. Some companies provide many options depending on the speed you need. Many networks have a lot of dead spots.

These are the areas with poor or no connection at all. So you may need to step out of a room or go outside to capture a stronger signal. You can find several reasons why this happens, and this is usually due to signal interference by:

  • Thick walls

  • Metallic furniture

  • Electric appliances

  • Building insulation

The BT mobile phone signal booster in the UK that you use, should be able to provide maximum coverage, especially it’s an important point for office buildings. For instance, if you run a business and some parts of the building have poor network, then a booster should cover all the provided areas.

2. dB Gain

The further you are from a cellular tower, the weaker the network. Mobile signal boosters offer gain, which is the ability to amplify a signal to a certain level. If you are very far from a cellular tower, for instance, in the countryside, then a higher gain will be required.

So you will need a booster with a stronger repeater to create at least 50 dB gain. Some companies only provide boosters that can work within 5km of the base tower. You have to look for one that offers better options. Also, make sure that gain is constantly available to avoid signal interruptions. Choose a provider that has options to amplify gain depending on your needs.

3. Output power

While the internet speed in Europe has improved over the last 5 years, coverage is still a problem in many areas of the UK. However, as per statistics, the global average speed has reached an impressive 46.79Mbps. So when it comes to coverage, one thing you can look at is the output power of a booster. This indicates the signal coverage in a building. Make sure you choose one with a high output power of at least 100 wM.

These boosters will always come with a high-quality antenna that boosts the signal from your phone. For commercial setups, you will need to use many antennas spread out throughout the building to ensure there is coverage of more than 1000 square meters.

While companies that produce boosters indicate the output power, the figure may be far from what you get. Also, keep in mind that external factors may affect the coverage. So try to make sure you only buy from reliable providers and work with professional companies.

4. Frequency

When it comes to the internet, most enterprises use bands and frequency to classify networks. This is usually 3G, 4G and 5G. So always ask what network the booster will provide. Also, make sure that the booster matches the frequency that the network provider offers. Otherwise, it will not work.

Some boosters support several carriers and frequencies. These are known as multi-band boosters and tend to be more expensive. That is because they:

  • provide more coverage

  • can be used by several users

  • automatically switch between networks

5. Prices

Another thing to consider is the cost. As it should always match with your budget, keep in mind that the price may vary depending on the coverage that the booster offers. Also, the cost of what you use in your home, car and office will be different. The goal is to analyze what services a package offers and compare it with other prices.

It is always a good idea to compare between different companies before purchasing a booster. The average price of a mobile booster in the UK may range significantly. Just make sure the features match the price before paying.

6. Installation

A good BT mobile signal booster usually goes with easy setup. While the company may offer installation services, it should be easy for anyone without even experience. For instance, if you need one for your car, quick and easy installation is another feature to look for. A quick installation of BT mobile phones signal boosters in the UK means there won’t be delays anymore when making calls or sending emails.

Additionally, pay attention to such details before installation as coverage of isolated premises with Cel-Fi QUATRA 1000/4000, GO G32 and G41, +SOLO solutions. It ensures enhanced 5G networks for commercial purposes. Another crucial moment is Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). This simplifies work with tools and improves better delivery across platforms like Cisco, Netflix, Amazon and so on.

Final thoughts

The main features to consider when trying to purchase a BT booster are the gain, frequency and coverage. These will determine whether it will provide the signal improvement that you need. Also, make sure to work with a reliable company while considering the costs as well and feedback. This can have a significant influence on the booster that you pick. Keep in mind that getting something with broader coverage may mean additional antennas. Such a package may cost you more than just a simple signal booster.

Following these will help you choose the best BT mobile signal booster. With a booster, you will enjoy smooth phone calls at all times without any interruptions. So go get a mobile booster with the best package offers!

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