HAMAS TERRORISTS PLANNED JERUSALEM MASSACRE: Armed With Rifles, Axes, Fake IDF Uniforms & Hundreds Of Bullets,

M-16 rifles, pistols, axes, ammunition and clothing resembling IDF uniforms found in the terrorists' car. (Israel Police)

The three terrorists who wounded six at a checkpoint on the tunnel road linking the Gush Etzion area to Jerusalem on Thursday morning intended to carry out a much larger terror attack in Jerusalem.

However, they gave up their plans when their car was stopped for inspection at the checkpoint by Israeli security forces. Instead, the terrorists opened fire on them, killing one and injuring five. The terrorists were quickly killed by other security forces at the checkpoint.

The IDF victim was identified as Cpl. Avraham Fetena hy”d, 20, a Military Police soldier from Haifa.

Following the attack, security officials found two M-16 rifles, two pistols, two axes, hundreds of bullets, 10 cartridges, and clothing similar to IDF uniforms in the terrorists’ car. The car was equipped with fake Israeli license plates.

“They intended to carry out a massacre, an attack on a completely different scale,” said Police Chief Kobi Shabtai.

The Shin Bet later identified the terrorists as members of the Hamas terror group and residents of the Palestinian Authority city of Chevron. One was identified as Abed el-Khader Kawasme, 26, whose father, Abdallah Kawasma, was the head of Hamas’s military activities in Chevron before he was killed in 2003. A second terrorist was identified as Hassan Manmoun Kafisha, also a Hamas member. He is the nephew of a Hamas member who was expelled to Turkey in 2011.

The Shin Bet has not yet identified the third terrorist.

Israel Police
Senior police officials visit the wounded security forces in the hospital following the attack. (Israel Police)
Senior police officials visit the wounded security forces in the hospital following the attack. (Israel Police)

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. 3 people woke up this morning trying to kill as many jewish ppl/ israelis as they could and those 8 sweet jews woke up to protect jews and get home to their families. Its so horrible to have happen a tragedy. Not a neis !

  2. boyaner: The Neis is exactly as you said.

    “8 sweet Jews woke up to protect Jews and get home to their families”.

    How many Jews did not (unfortunately) react this way on October 7th??

  3. hamas will never even agree 2 a ceasefire at all u know and even if they do agree 2 one they will go back one their word one day and fight once again with us u know

  4. They found “hundreds of bullets” but only “10 cartridges”?! What is that supposed to mean? How does it make any sense? What were they going to do with all those extra bullets with no cartridges? And how much damage could they have done with only ten cartridges distributed among four firearms?