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Iranian President Raisi Declares Victory Over Adversaries Marking 45th Anniversary Of Revolution

In a speech marking the 45th anniversary of the Islamic revolution, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi proclaimed that the Iranian nation has triumphantly overcome the challenges and plots set by its enemies, heralding a new era of enduring peace and sovereignty. Speaking to the nation, Raisi paid tribute to the mujahideen (martyrs) and the collective spirit of the Iranian people whose efforts he said have safeguarded the country from external aggressions for over four decades.

According to Raisi, the jihadist Islamic revolution has propelled Iran forward, enabling it to maintain a superior military stance while leaving its adversaries disheartened. He boldly declared Iran as the world’s most independent country, untethered by the dichotomies of East and West, and resistant to external directives. Raisi’s speech underscored the conclusion of an era where foreign powers could influence Iran’s destiny, affirming the revolution’s commitment to authentic freedom.

The President stressed Iran’s unwavering resolve to prevent any foreign domination over its territory, highlighting the nation’s advanced military capabilities as a deterrent against potential aggressions. He pointed out the absence of discussions on military interventions against Iran, attributing this to the nation’s strategic defense posture.

Raisi also touched upon the conflict in Gaza, using it to critique the roles of the United States and Israel, urging the international community to recognize the inevitable decline of the “Zionist entity” and prioritize the liberation of Palestine. He emphasized Jerusalem’s significance and called for concerted efforts to reclaim it from Israeli control.

In his concluding remarks, President Raisi positioned the Palestinian cause as a central humanitarian issue, advocating for the removal of the Zionist entity from the United Nations. His speech not only reaffirmed Iran’s national achievements and resilience but also highlighted its active role in shaping a new geopolitical narrative centered around the principles of sovereignty, resistance, and solidarity with Palestine.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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