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Pesach In Florida?? Hatzalah Is Here & Ready For You

With tens of thousands of Pesach travelers making their way to the South Florida and Orlando regions over the coming days, both Hatzalah South Florida & Hatzalah Orlando are prepared and ready for the massive influx of Pesach visitors expected.

Hatzalah South Florida has been operating in the Jewish communities of South Florida for over 14 years, and as the needs of the community have grown, HSF has added many new members and ambulances to their ranks. With well over 250 Florida certified EMTs and Paramedics covering the 13 cities in the HSF response area, local residents and guests can feel confident that Hatzalah South Florida is ready and prepared for them.

Pesach visitors in the greater Orlando resort areas can once again count on Hatzalah Orlando and its professionally trained team of Florida licensed EMTs and paramedics to be ready when called upon. Experienced first responders are strategically positioned throughout the resort areas for a professional and quick response.

Two Emergency Numbers, Same Hatzalah Care:

Hatzalah South Florida 

Emergency Number 305-919-4900

Hatzalah Orlando 

Emergency Number 407-307-3600

Hatzalah urges the public to SAVE these two separate emergency numbers in their cellphones. Both emergency hotlines are manned by professionally trained dispatchers 24/7.

Whether one is in Orlando or in South Florida, visitors should know their exact address and the name of their resort and have it posted in their homes. This critical personal information should also be programmed in the notes of their cell phone along with the dedicated emergency phone numbers.

Both Hatzalah South Florida and Hatzalah Orlando are proud affiliates of Chevra Hatzalah and both have invested significant time, energy, and resources in preparation for the large volume of visitors expected. Hatzalah thanks the public for their trust and continued financial support.

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