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BEYOND PARODY: Neturei Karta Express “Shock And Sorrow” Over Iranian President’s Death

As Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s helicopter remained missing for hours on end on Sunday, YWN published an article which half-jokingly presumed that Neturei Karta members were “white-knuckled” and their “hearts lay heavy… as their friend, mentor, and morah d’asra is most likely dead, dying of injuries and/or extreme cold, or being eaten by wild animals known to roam the area where the helicopter went down.”

Well, it was no joke.

On Monday, Neturei Karta published this sorrow-filled message on their official Instagram account:

“With great shock and sorrow, our Jewish community true to the Torah from around the world received the sad news of the tragic passing of the honorable president of Iran, H.E. Ebrahim Raisi, and the foreign minister H.E. Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, and their accompanying delegation. Iran has lost great leaders.

“As Jews, we mourn the loss of men who had a special friendship and expressed exceptional warmth and respect to Jews, the worldwide Jewish community, Judaism, and of course to the flourishing Jewish community in Iran. We as religious Jewish Rabbis have had the privilege to meet both of these great men, and we witnessed firsthand their wisdom, friendship and hospitality.

“May the Almighty with his compassion bring condolences to their families and to the entire Iranian nation, and may their souls be blessed by the Almighty and rest in peace. May God protect and bless Iran and guide them in this complex and difficult period. May Iran continue to be led into a bright future by blessed and just leaders.

“Rest in peace, President Ebrahim Raisi. You were an amazing leader to your people and to the great nation of Iran. You were also a wonderful human being with a good heart who wanted what was best for humanity. May you rest in peace. The world won’t be the same without you.”

Hopefully, they are correct, and the world will not be the same without the mass murdering Raisi.

As always, Neturei Karta and their ilk are impossible to parody. Because when you think they finally must have hit bottom, they start digging a cellar.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

26 Responses

  1. While I agree with the fact that these guys are nuts at best and cozy up to Reshaim for attention or worse, in this case, there is possibly a different angle. It seems like they helped delay the execution of yid in Iran and perhaps they need to do this to be able to maintain their “pull “. Just a thought although it’s entirely possible that they’re genuinely (!?)mourning a friend as the Halacha is clear that we aren’t Dan Lekaf Zechus with them.

  2. 1. Even Briben’s State Dept. offered they’re heartfelt condolences on the loss of the Butcher of Tehran. Yes, despicable as well.

    2. NK: PLEASE do use your Iranian supposed friendly connections and do something useful and constructive for once by interviewing to save that convicted Jewish young man: Arveen Netanel ben Siona

  3. I’m not so sure that all this publicity YWN is repeatedly giving them is such a great idea, especially as what they are doing is seen as a chillul H’ in a lot of people’s eyes

    Rather than provide a platform for them and simply magnify the chillul H’ maybe it would be better to focus on the good in Am Yisrael, of which there is plenty B’H! and publicise that instead

  4. Hollywood should make a “Three Stooges” type film starring the NK leadership. The script literally writes itself.

  5. mashgiach1 wrote that NK played some role in delaying the execution of the Jew in Iran. This is a completely false statement. NK played no such role.

  6. The Zionists are infinitely worse than anything that anyone imagines is wrong with NK. Yet, the constant derision and imputing bad faith and bad motives to NK is disturbing. Their message is, of course, 1000% true and in accordance with the Torah (as opposed to Zionism which is the opposite of Torah): the Zionists do not represent Jews and their State is Zionist, not Jewish. Their motive in dealing with these reshaim is obviously due to the literal pikuach nefesh situation in which the Zionists have put Jews, not “for attention”. Again, it’s pathetic that nobody is willing to at least grant the NK that they do these things because they think it’s going to save lives – and they could very well be right about that – yet those same people were all sure that going to the DC Rally was pikuach nefesh. It is impossible to claim that the latter was while the former was not. That comes from Zionism clouding their minds.

  7. if they go to the funeral, maybe the iranians will keep them. i’d be willing to contribute a few bucks, if someone would like to set up a go fund me page to pay their airfare. just so long as it’s one-way.

  8. YWN Editors,
    Stop giving these Reshaim that only dress like Jews the platform they so desperately seek but don’t deserve. Let’s ignore them and hopefully watch them disappear as fast as they’re butcher friend Raisi ימ״ש. As believing Jews we know that there’s ״payday״ for every Rasha. Publicly promising to annihilate the Jewish state and sending 300 missles at Israel may have brought they’re immediate demise. כן יאבדו כל אויביך ד׳

  9. If they have such a friendly relationship with those terrorists, why can’t they help releasing the hostages?

  10. Hashem was Able to see the pain of Am Israel. And without weapons he took away that evil Butcher, yet niturey Karta, which in any second could be mashed away by a group of antisemites, “couldn’t see what Hashem saw” first) it shows you the level of IQ, very little to none second) they invest in precarious propaganda.

  11. Netura Karta has been kicked out of almost all religious groups and not allowed into the normal religious institutions. They are recognized as total nuts.

  12. Reb Hakatan,

    Your screen name is so appropriate for you as you clearly are a katan in da’as, though probably classifying you as a shoteh is more accurate.

  13. Neturei Kata likely get paid from Iran and Qatar like the other professional protesters. They need to keep the money flowing.
    Rav Shternbuch shlita said (as shared right here on ywn) that Hashem protects the Yidden of Eretz Yisroel from Iran. Rav Shternbuch is anti-Zionist but loves the Yidden of Eretz Yisroel.

  14. The Orchos Tzaddikim says all middos need to be in the correct measure. This is what happens when you focus on frumkeit without the other middos . Frum is a galach (the Chofetz Chaim zt”l said this), and galachim hate Jews. As The Kotzker Rebbe zt”l said, frum alein is a roitzeach. If all you have is frumkeit without the other middos, you become a murderer. He predicted the rise of Neturei Karta very well.

  15. HaKatan is correct. Zionists have endangered Jews all over the world. Israel has led to Jews being killed everywhere for decades. How many have been killed thanks to NK? Anyone who opposes NK and views Israel as some sort of saviour and protector of the Jewish people are blinded by nationalism. They think Israel somehow is the same as the Jewish People, and those against Israel are anti-Jewish! We know that the State of Israel has led to thousands upon thousands of dead and wounded humans beings. This is utterly horrific. This is not the Torah way. But all the Zionists (and some in the yeshiva world unfortunately) seem to care about is having Jewish sovereignty and self-government. Why? It’s disgusting. וחי בהם? Real Jews know that Israel and those who support Israel are the real reshaim.

  16. Reb Joseph Cohen,
    Your zionist vs non zionist argument is specious. Despite the Israeli government being non religious, your dismissal of Jewish sovereignty shows what an imbecile you are. When your ancestors were thrown into ovens, I’ll bet they wish they had a little “Jewish sovereignty.”

  17. Anti-Zionists are delusional. I’m not pro-Israel government but those who think that those non-Jews who are against Israel are not against Jews are completely and utterly delusional. There are greater conflicts globally with hundreds of thousands of civilians casualties and no one cares. The reason Israel’s actions garners so much hate is ONLY because they hate that Jews.

  18. What the pro NK people here keep trying to make you forget is that if Iran attacks Israel, they are not just killing the “mechallelei shabbos befarhesya ovdei avoda zara Zionists” they keep ranting about. The Iranians will also kill anti-Zionist chareidim, pelegniks, Satmars, and Neturei Karta. Even according to their view that the zionists are ovdei avoda zara and not worthy of life, people they view as real yidden will be killed. In what world will Hashem be happy with encouraging the murder of yidden? This is besides the fact that many poskim hold those irreligious people now are tinokos shenishbu since they weren’t brought up frum.

  19. Hakatan. With all the respect 6,000,000 Jews died during world War 2. You know how the satmer rebbe traveled? With a train called Kastner. He escaped the War while his Chasidim were burnt and tortured to death ( and halochokly speaking he did the right thing of חייך קודמים) on the contrary it also shows the level of empathy he had turds his Chasidim, he left them all behind… before he came to America you know where he landed? Herets Isruel. You know what he did? He declared “bankruptcy” chapter 11. He was a careless person that always put himself first before others. Yet I still have tremendous respect for him and I think that he was still a very special rebbe after all he continued a nice Mesorah. I just don’t agree with the way he viewed the state of Israel as whole and that he constantly saw Israel as an exponential threat to society. Netury karta are not there to be blamed. They are Tinok Shnishbah to and ultra twisted education. It’s not their fault

  20. “The older I get, the smarter my parents get”. Love this statement.

    My father asked me not to look or answer to idiots in comments as it harbors ill will towards other Jews and makes one bitter.

    Is anyone really accomplishing anything? Does “Hakatan” really feel he’ll make some baal teshuvahs (sic) here?

    It’s just a waste of time and anger

  21. @besalel,
    ignorance is not something to be proud of.
    Their deep involvement in the case, was instrumental in halting the sentence for a month, and hopeful annul it, bur what have you done?

    @lazerc and @ccb45,
    That is total trash. nonsense.
    For example, when R A. C. went to Iran, he was initially barred from his plot in the Manchester Beis Hachayim, but when he went to speak to Rosh Dayan Kraus about this (who incidentally used to be his chavruseh back in the Gateshead days), he asked him on what halacha did he base his psak, had a conversation with him, the result? The ban was removed and he was apologised to.
    Same with Satmar, the Zaloni Kehillah sent a specific delegation to his house to ask him Mechila, and he was allowed back into Shul, besides for the Aroni Kehillah, were he was not only asked by the Rav himself to come back, he was given place up front, Mizrach with a goldplate name tag on his place (possibly the same by the zalonim i’m not sure).

  22. Sat what you want, the fact is that they sent a special delegation to ask him mechilah, and asked him to come back to their shul.

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