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‘DESCRIBING HIMSELF?’: Joe Biden Fires Back After Donald Trump Calls Him ‘Weak And Pathetic’

President Joe Biden responded sharply to former President Donald Trump’s criticism of his executive action on the southern border, calling Trump’s description of the move as “weak and pathetic” and a projection of his own character.

During an interview with ABC World News Tonight, Biden was asked about Trump’s comments, in which he said, “He’s pretending to finally do something about the border, but it’s all about show.” Trump also said, “We have a debate coming up. Biden’s executive order is weak and pathetic.”

Biden retorted, “Is he describing himself? Weak and pathetic? Come on.” He continued, “Look, everybody knows what’s happened. We had a deal. It was much broader than this, much better, much more accepted across the board, and he got on the phone and told the Republicans, ‘Don’t support it, it will hurt me, it will help Biden.'”

Trump had criticized Biden’s executive order in a series of Truth Social posts, claiming it was “all for show” and that Biden was “pretending to finally do something about the border.”

Trump also made inflammatory accusations, asserting that Biden’s order was “pro-invasion, pro-child trafficking, pro-women trafficking, pro-human trafficking, pro-drug dealers — and they bring death and destruction into our Country. It’s really pro-illegal immigration…”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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