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STUNNING ANTISEMITISM: New York Filled With Unbridled And Menacing Hamas And Hitler Supporters

New York City subway cars were filled with dangerous, hateful, and threatening antisemites on Monday before and following a protest outside the a memorial for the victims of the Nova music festival who were murdered in cold blood on October 7.

Footage from the subways show shocking scenes, including one in which one antisemite announces, “Raise your hands if you’re a Zionist. This is your chance to get out.”

Imagine changing the word “Zionist” to “Black” and see what reaction politicians would have.

In another clip, filmed near the site of the Oct. 7 memorial, a protestor made clear what the “river to the sea” chanters mean. “I wish Hitler was still here. He would have wiped all of you out,” the man said. Ironically, the man himself would have been killed by Hitler too, given his “inferior” skin color, according to Nazi ideology, which he seems to support.

Thus far, most prominent New York officials – most notably Governor Kathy Hochul – have not said a word regarding the sickening actions of the pro-Hamas protestors. New York City Mayor Eric Adams has thus far had the decency to call out the haters, and in a surprise, somehow Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called them out, too (must be election season!)

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Thank you Mayor Adams for speaking out. Thank you for not equivocating anti semitism with Hamas, Muslim, black, gay/lesbian, transgender so-called discrimination, like Karine Jean-Pierre does every time.
    Again, democrat operatives Merrick Garland, Chris Wray, & Alvin Bragg are suddenly silent when it comes to democrats threatening and intimidating Yidden. Yup. Must keep after the real threat facing this Nation, WHITE SUPREMACY.

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