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Trump Surges Ahead in Swing States, Delivering Devastating Blow To Biden’s Re-Election Hopes

A new poll released by Emerson College/The Hill on Thursday has brought welcome news for former President Donald Trump, who is leading President Joe Biden in every major swing state. The poll shows Trump ahead in Wisconsin (47%-44%), Pennsylvania (47%-45%), Michigan (46%-45%), Arizona (47%-43%), Georgia (45%-41%), and Nevada (46%-43%). Moreover, the poll indicates a tie between Trump and Biden in Minnesota, a state no Republican has won since Richard Nixon in 1972.

This poll comes as a relief to the Trump campaign, following a Fox News poll released Wednesday that suggested Trump was trailing Biden by two points nationally. Trump expressed frustration with that  poll on Truth Social, calling it “TRASH” and claiming it used a biased sample to skew the results in favor of Biden.

“Fox News polls have never treated me, or MAGA, fairly! Don’t worry, we will WIN!!!” Trump wrote.

It’s worth noting that Trump has never won the national popular vote, losing it to Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Biden in 2020. However, Biden’s victory in 2020 was narrow, thanks to his slim margins in the swing states polled by Emerson.

According to Spencer Kimball, executive director of Emerson College Polling, support for both Trump and Biden has remained consistent since November, with little movement in the first polling of key swing states since Trump’s conviction last month.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Biden’s Re-Election Hopes Senile people are not capable of having hopes, hence this subject title is factually incorrect.
    Of-course if/when President Donald Trump שליט”א wins by a landslide of epic proportions never seen by making before, everyone {including crooked democRATS} shall all be so much better off.

  2. Polls in June are meaningless this year since there are too many variables, including three third party candidates capable of affecting the outcome, and major splits in both parties (with the MAGA Republicans and the “Progressive” Democrats trying to take over their respective parties). The platform fights will be very interesting (e.g. Pro-Israel or Pro-Hamas). Plus the age of the two probable candidates creates the possibility of last minute changes.

    Do no one is “devastated”. YWN headlines are like a baseball agonizing over the World Series in April.

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