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WATCH: Biden Interviewer George Stephanopoulos: “I Don’t Think He Can Serve Four More Years”

ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos expressed doubt on Tuesday over President Joe Biden’s ability to serve another four years in the White House. The comment came just days after Stephanopoulos sat down with Biden for a tense interview.

In a brief exchange with a pedestrian in New York City, Stephanopoulos was asked if Biden should drop out of the 2024 presidential race. “I don’t think he can serve four more years,” Stephanopoulos replied. The pedestrian pressed for clarification, and Stephanopoulos confirmed, “Alright, that’s an answer.”

The remark quickly went viral, prompting Stephanopoulos to issue a statement expressing regret for weighing in on the matter. “Earlier today I responded to a question from a passerby. I shouldn’t have,” he told Puck News. An ABC News spokesperson also clarified that Stephanopoulos was expressing his personal opinion, not the position of ABC News.

The comment came on the heels of Stephanopoulos’ recent interview with Biden, during which he pressed the president about reports of alleged “cognitive decline” and calls from within the Democratic Party for him to drop out of the race. Biden insisted he was still capable of serving, citing his successes in office.

Meanwhile, political analyst Ian Bremmer revealed on MSNBC that several world leaders have expressed concern over Biden’s ability to serve another term, citing his apparent “deterioration” in meetings. “They don’t think he can serve another four years, and I will say that is true of every leader that I have met with that’s attending the NATO summit,” Bremmer said. “They’ve seen the deterioration. They’ve seen him slow down, and it’s not just physically slowing down.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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