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Video: The World To Come

earth.jpg(VIDEO LINK AT END OF ARTICLE) The following video is about an Israeli Baal Teshuva who claims that he was taken to the hospital for a neurological emergency, and began convulsing and “died”. The man gives a graphic description of the “World to Come”, and how he was “released back to this world”. He speaks about his “encounter with the Ben Ish Chai”, and how he was placed back into this world and became a Baal Teshuva.

YWN can not report on the validity of the mans claims, and leaves that to the readership.

Rabbi Lazer Brody of “Lazer Beams” describes the film: Nir Abujam grew up in a secular home in South Tel Aviv. As a young man after the army, he did everything that fun-loving young people like to do. A few years later, he went into convulsions and blacked out, dying a complete clinical death. His soul was taken to the upper worlds and to the Heavenly Court, which he describes in the following 68-minute clip that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Nir’s testimony matches precisely the descriptions of life after death in the Gemara, Midrash, and Zohar. This gripping clip is not for the faint of heart or for those who wish to continue their lifestyles of Disneyland and McDonalds. But, if you watch this clip, it will change your life and help you readjust priorities. This will be an hour well-spent.

VIDEO LINK: Click HERE to watch this most interesting film.

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  1. this video is old and it’s been around, but the content is not 100 % in consonance with Torah hashkafa. i discussed it with a prominent talmid chochom. to post it on a frum website is at the best questionable.

  2. If you knew the guy, you would agree that it is 100% true. Note, that the rebbes he chose for himself, he did on his own. He does not claim that they told him to go to any rebbe.

  3. Listen folks. We live in the golus of hester panim. Hashem just doesnt allow these sort of “obvious” things to happen and quite frankly I am very skeptical. I never know anyone personally who this happens to, only third hand at most.

  4. lo tehei torah shleima shelanu kisicha bitaila shelahem!!! if we want to grow in yiras shamayim the address is rabeinu yonah and the mesilas yesharim not some kook who has a bridge to sell

  5. Although the intent of this video is good, it is a very questionable source for kiruv.

    This man may believe what he experienced but it does not fit what I have learned about what happens lemaala and to have teshuva depend on this tale, is questionable.

    I think that daasbaalhabayis has the right address for our teshuva. Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak shlita for the most part accomplished the same thing with rational arguments.

  6. There is no way to verify that anything that can be experienced or perceived in this world, as having anything to do with any other world(s). Even if by scientific measurement one seems to have left this world, we do not know how complete that measurement is.

    I can only think back to the time a famous tape of a dibbuk was passed around my yeshiva and I was told by well-meaning people that water was running from a rock that was a sure sign of Moshiach coming, only to be very disappointed to find out it was a hoax because the people I trusted as sources were about as learned as a talmid chochom can be.

  7. >We live in the golus of hester panim.
    Hashem does allow things like this to happen because due to hester panim people will not believe him!
    Before evaluating the story, imagine that he became attached to YOUR rebbe/way of life. How would you react then?

    Hester panim means that although miracles happen, [due to some self-serving reason] people will figure out a way to deny deny deny.

  8. when did he tell his story b4 or after he became a baal teshuva why would the ben ish hai of all tzadikim bother with a hilony is he related besides the crying in the beginning he he was quite monotonous a person describing such an event should be more animated and emotional shaken to the core he should take a few more acting lessons and do it again tomim tihye im H Elokecha .are we to give credence to goyim who claim to have similar experiences

  9. > why would the ben ish hai of all tzadikim bother with a hilony
    Huh? “*Bother* with a hilony”!?
    To rephrase your question: Why the ben ish hai?
    He is likely somehow related. And mipnei kevodo did not want to release this detail.

  10. #14, shlepper. Please keep in mind that if one is suspicious of this particular story, it does not mean they dont hold to the ideals put forth and are not denying the message. They are merely not easily accepting an incident that may be used to push forth a message. The ends do not always justify the means.

  11. #18: The whole point [and impact] here is that something like this happens in our day and age. Not that it can happen. Of course we know this from sfarim (reishis chochma) that describe scenarios like these.
    Denying “just like that” that it happened, one reduces a key effect Hashem might have wanted with this hisgalus elokus, hence the hester panim.

    There is a humongous difference for example, from knowing that “kefitzat haderech” exists, to knowing someone that actually experienced it.

  12. #15 rdc: i’m not very learned but appparently you got no idea wat a jew is, how can u say “bother with a hilony”? a jew is a great thing. who cares if they are related or not, im sure the ben ish hai never judged anyone as many “frum” people today are so prone to doing, he just saw a jew in distress, wats wrong with that?

  13. A few points, Bells Palsy is not a reason to be admitted to a hospital it is usually benign transient damage to the facial nerve that can appear to be a stroke but an ER doc or neurologist can easily tell the difference . 2 someone having generalized seizures does not know what happens to their bodies eg right arm going up etc. If someone tells us what their bodies are doing during a convulsion we diagnose them with psudoseizures a psychiatric diagnosis.
    From a hashakafa point I have problems with the concept of Tinuk Sheneshbu that a nonreligous Jew will get punished for sins they where not taught about.
    That said I did daven harder today!

  14. It seems that the Ben Ish Chai got involved with this person because his grandmother had the Ben Ish Chai as a Rav/Rebbi and was calling out to him to defend her grandson.

    The speaker himself pointed out how important it is to take on a Rebbi as he will be melamed Z’chus for you.

  15. Our basic connection to Hashem is through our deep, overwhelming sense of Emmes. That being said, this video seems totally contrived. It is too text booked like to some Midrashim and Gemoros. When Chazal describe things, they are talking in Mesholim that we appreciate more and more as we experience them. This person claims to have experienced them compltetely as Nimshol, in the most physical form possible. We don’t need to believe every claim we hear. By allowing ourselves to be inpired by Sheker, our appreciation of Emmes gets dimmed.

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