Mysterious Virus Hits Ponovezh Yeshiva


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pon.jpgClose to 200 talmidim of Ponovezh Yeshiva have been hit with what is being described as a “mysterious virus” which has became apparent when four bochrim fainted during Mincha one day this week.

This Elul, the beis medresh is emptier than usual as a result of the virus that appears to have infected talmidim, close to 200, with symptoms of severe head pain, sore throat, and general malaise.

The ill students have been visiting their family doctors, but none have been labeled as having any definitive diagnosis other than a “virus”.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. #2 Thanks for your insightful and uplifting comment. You know so much.
    May the bochurim have a refuah shelaimah.
    P.s. How ILL are YOU #2?
    P.P.S. #5 please explain your thought.

  2. May they all have a refuah shelayma!

    That is some virus if has brought some young men to the point of fainting.

    #5, Mr. Town Crier, I resent your remark about Lakewood! Outside of Israel and certainly in America, the heights of kedusha in Lakewood are the top. Hands Down!

  3. Ayin Tov

    Boruch hashem I am doing well as I do not get involved in Machlokes. FYI I left a big Kehila because of a Machlokes that broke out there. And yes for all the people that have remained and gotten involved in the tit for tat in this Kehila, there has been many strange occurances of illness. Machlokes is a fire and all who get involved get burned. Wishing you a Kesiva V’Chasima Tova.

  4. The town crier seems like he needs to work on his gaavah talking about himself in 3rd person i would never accept criticism from a bal gaavah and btw i wouldnt be suprised if lkwd is right that the word virus might have shaychis to aveiras

  5. To me, the statement, “leave it to someone named LKWD…” seems to apply a negative/snide/sarcastic connotation on Lakewood, even though the post by Lkwd188 seems to show some levity which I think is not appropriate considering people are sick.

  6. Well since I always have the most honest(and best )opinion here goes : All anyone should be saying is refua shelaima and leave out all the speeches . As for all the “Lakewood ” people leaving comments I believe you are not supposed to have the internet !So it is quite interesting that the “lakewood” crowd has the most comments on this site !

  7. #14, who says someone admiring Lakewood necessarily has to be living in Lakewood? Who says someone who may be living in Lakewood can’t have a computer for professional reasons and/or to be on proper sites such as this. Even YWN features stories and pictures for the Lakewood community.

    While you make a clever point, I don’t think it is THAT interesting that someone from Lakewood would be on YWN’s site. Nor is it a de facto invalidation of their opinion.

  8. Mamash Gevalt! This is scary. From recent experiences, I can tell you that fainting is no fun. May all the bachurim have a refua shleima, among all the sick in Klal Yisroel.

    Talking about machlokes, please refrain from more negative remarks about others. I was born in Lakewood and learned in Ponevezh. It is beyond our scope to pasken why others are sick, rather we should help and pray for them, and be marbe Shalom. Ein kli machzik bracha kmo hashalom.

  9. #17 good point i was just being miorer a fact that ppl that talk about themselves in third person are prob balei gaavahs btw im not from lakewood im not even an “in towner”

  10. Did they all just get vaccinated against something? Could be a reaction. For example, a common HPV reaction (yes, I know the bochurim didn’t get hpv) is severe aches and fainting.

  11. Derech hatevah, all the Splenda and other chemical garbage now prevalent doesn’t help too much. Yidden wake up — all this artificial food is a present from our artificial brother Eisav!