Sarah Palin wig a top seller in Brooklyn


(The following AP article appeared in Crains NY🙂

Don’t be surprised if you see a few Sarah Palin look-alikes in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods like Brooklyn’s Borough Park.

A wig wholesaler there says its Palin wig has become one of the company’s most popular items.

Shlomo Klein, vice president of Georgie Wigs, said Thursday that the company has sold about 50 Palin wigs since the Alaska governor joined John McCain on the GOP ticket.

“It’s a very conservative yet fashion-forward look,” Mr. Klein said. “It can be worn down, it can be worn up. There are a lot of styling options. The bun higher, the bun lower.”

Mr. Klein’s company caters to Orthodox Jewish women who must cover their hair after marriage as well as women who need wigs for medical reasons.

He said he doesn’t think it’s odd that Jewish women would model themselves on Ms. Palin, a devout Christian from a frontier state with very few Jews.

“She’s pro-Israel,” he noted.

Mr. Klein said Georgie Wigs has carried Hillary Clinton and Jennifer Aniston wigs in the past. Its catalog currently includes a Posh Spice wig.

The all-human hair Palin wig sells for $695.

“We always try to stay up on the trends,” Mr. Klein said, “and right now she is the trend.”


  1. Humor:
    About fifty years ago on the Lower East Side of Manhattan there was a Chassidishe Shtibel (Shul) which the Galitzianer Yidden called Beis HaChassidim de Poilin. The Litvisher Yidden called it Beis HaChassidim de Palin.

  2. Why is this nonsense? It shows that American hareidim are politically aware. We have fashions (compare the varying percentage of men’s single breasted vs double breasted suits), that are clearly influenced by non-Jewish fashion (even if we tend be decades or centuries late, but note the adoption of pants rather than gowns for Ashkenazi men, the growth of long versus short pants, etc.), but that have a life of their own. It is fascinating anthropology.

  3. i saw the palin sheitel way b4 palin was famous in many local jewish magazines i called Crains and they told me that they look at jewish magazines all the time to know where we’re up to

  4. With the whole craze about the palin glasses, I actually started a line to compete : The Obama Contact Lenses…I just don’t know why they’re not selling as well…..Oh well..

  5. who cares about her wig? she doesnt know the suprime court or anything else in gov. thats what your supposed to be looking at and not her wig or glasses

  6. TO: Reb Doctor Doctor #10:
    B4 you criticize Mrs. Palin about her lack of knowledge in regard to the Supreme Court…. please learn how to spell 🙂
    Zey Gezunt und Shtark.

    PS To all of you nervous about the upcoming election………….


    McKen Pailin baim bashefer far a nes that the American people should wake up and smell the coffee that O is just an empty suit and vote with seychel.

  7. I think I’ll order 3 sheitels and her glasses. At least it’s not Indian hair – is Alaskan hair ok? Also the Obama wig for my balding husband. Maybe we should all move into igloos.

  8. sorry 2 enlighten u, but if selling “50” wigs in brooklyn since palin joined John McCain considers it a top-seller, the wig market in brooklyn is in big trouble