Israel: Health Officials Testing Similac Top 3 Baby Formula


similac1.jpgHealth Ministry officials are conducting tests on the Similac Top 3 baby formula after receiving reports that three children became ill after feeding, vomiting and exhibiting other symptoms.

Ministry officials point out that diarrhea and vomiting are not at all uncommon at that age, infants over one year.

Dr. Baruch Gonen, chief of pediatric emergency medicine at Kaplan Hospital explains “we are in the winter and this appears to be viral, nothing more.”

Prof. Ra’anan Shamir, chief of gastroenterology in Schneider’s Children’s Hospital agrees, stating it is more likely that there is winter virus and there is no need to assume the baby formula is contaminated or problematic.

Health officials are not taking any chances following the 2003 Remedia baby formula incidents (reported HERE on YWN) that led to deaths and permanent disabilities among infants.

Person with questions may phone the Similac consumer information number at 1-800-65-65-01.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. What is wrong with a baby drinking Mothers Milk. Maybe this is an option for babies who are vomiting Similac. Contact your LOR to find out the Israeli chapter of the Le leche League, or a Midwife.