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Bloomberg Slams Board Of Elections Ahead Of Tuesday

bloomy4.jpgNYC Mayor Bloomberg had harsh words for the city Board of Elections Wednesday, less than a week before a record turnout is expected at city polling places.

At a news conference Wednesday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg called the board’s performance “an outrage.”

He said that last week, the state BOE asked the city for emergency funds to handle the influx of 700,000 people who registered to vote this year. Bloomberg said he has spent months waiting in vain for the city BOE to talk to him about its needs.

“They keep saying they need more money and they won’t tell us what they want to do with it,” said the mayor. “We keep making suggestions, putting a sample ballot on the web; they won’t do it. What about recruiting poll workers who have to have training before? We require training. They don’t pay any attention to it. What about poll workers from good government groups, rather then just political parties? You know, this is an outrage.”

A spokesperson for the BOE called the mayor’s comments unfortunate.

On Monday the organization said it will be up to the task on Election Day, but nevertheless warned voters to expect long lines.

(Source: NY1)

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