VIDEO & PHOTOS: Frum Communities Across USA Show Support For John McCain


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10.jpg(VIDEO & PHOTO LINKS AT END OF ARTICLE) While the pundits and media continue to anoint Barak Obama the winner of Tuesday’s forthcoming election, the only numbers that matter are the final tally and by the looks of Sen. John McCain’s feverish schedule and the tightening poll numbers it seems too many that it would be premature to declare any winner just yet. The campaign continued its outreach Thursday evening with a McCain event in Brooklyn NY that brought together Orthodox Jewish leaders from across the country via teleconference. The gathering took place in the home of noted community activist, Mr. Elly Kleinman who opened the evening with thanks to the gathered group of community activists, organizers and to the McCain Campaign for reaching out to the Orthodox community in search of victory this coming Tuesday. Mr. Kleinman noted the numerous cities representing thousands of Jewish voters in battleground states.
Participating cities  in the teleconference included;
Detroit Michigan, Cincinnati Ohio, Cleveland Ohio,
South bend Indiana, Miami Florida, Los Angeles California, Denver, Colorado
Philadelphia, PA, Lakewood NJ, and many others.
Many thanks must be given to the committed activists and leaders in those cities for participating. 
Welcoming the gathering on behalf of the campaign was McCain campaign advisor on Jewish affairs Mark Broxmayer. Thanking the representatives around the country for their time and commitment, Mr. Broxmeyer noted that Senator McCain was gratified that the Orthodox community is in fact very supportive of his campaign and urged the thousands in the Orthodox Jewish community to stand up and be counted.

Headlining this gathering and acting as surrogate for the McCain/ Palin campaign was well known Republican Congressman Peter King. Mr. King was warmly introduced by the evenings Chairman, Chaskel Bennett who noted the unique position the Congressman holds as former chairman and ranking member of the Homeland security committee.

Said Mr. Bennett: “Rep. King as Ranking Member of the Homeland Security Committee knows and understands the unique security threats our Jewish institutions and communities face. Congressman King has been a leader in the ongoing effort to have Homeland Security funding based on threat analysis and is a strong supporter of Israel and the war against international Islamic terrorism, both at home and abroad.

Continued Mr. Bennett: “Thru the efforts of Congressman King and his committee and with the vital guidance of major organizations like Agudath Israel of America and others, Many Yeshiva day schools and religious institutions have had major security upgrades and enhancements. Yeshiva school administrators from around the country know very well the importance of your work and its impact on our community. We truly appreciate your continued friendship and leadership.”
Congressman King urged the Jewish community to strongly support John McCain who has shown time and again steadfast leadership on so many issues. He noted, “Now is not the time to take chances. We need an adult in the Whitehouse, someone who sees the real threat of a nuclear Iran. A staunch supporter of Israel like Sen. McCain who understands the danger and threat of Islamic Terrorism. Sen. McCain is a proven reformer who recognizes that we should reward success and achievement not penalize those that do well.” Discussing his support for school choice the Congressman made very clear how in tune Sen. McCain is with the values of the Orthodox community. Urging the gathering and those on the conference call to rally the troops in support of the McCain –Palin ticket, Congressman King reminded all of the grave threats the United States face both on the home front and internationally.” “Its like they (Democrats) forgot that 9/11 even happened!”

Congressman King, Campaign National chairman Mark Broxmeyer and Mr. Bennett urged the community to contact as many people as possible in the battleground states to vote for the Republican team. Call your contacts, your friends and family. Email, phone, fax whatever it takes –every single vote counts.

The campaign announced an innovative way for volunteers to help via the Internet. Below is the link to their Jewish online phone-bank set to make phone calls to our identified Jewish phone numbers in the GOTV PA outreach. Click on Pennsylvania as the state and please feel free to interject the word Jew or Jewish voter in the outlined script. “As we all know, this can have a big impact in PA so encourage everyone you know to participate”. Click HERE for the link.

VIDEO & PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for exclusive YWN video, and click HERE for photos. [Mark Broxmeyer speaks at 4:18; Republican Congressman Peter King speaks at 9:00]

(Yehuda Drudgestein – YWN NYC)


  1. good! mccain should have every jew’s full support, as he has no experience, wants to negotiate with achmadenejed, and wants to “spread the wealth”.

  2. Pete King is a plain speaking, funny, down to earth, and very likable to the average person. I wish he would run for President one day. He knows how to say it like it is – and people like that.

  3. It is true Obama has no experience, but McCain’s experience is that of an inept politician, who up until his image was reworked for this election, was highly criticized by his own party.

    Regarding the semantics about achmadenejad (Y’S), it is just semantics because America deals with abbas. To me, both are the same and dangerous to us.

    Bottom line, this election is a shameful one as it is filled with slander and sinas chinam. The hatred shown to both parties, namely to Obama and to Palin, is unacceptable.

    People should only hold to views that they would actually say to the person’s face.

    Good luck to us all; whomever is elected.

  4. I wish I could vote for Peter King, but I don’t live in his district.

    This is a great, encouraging article. Actually, I was hoping to attend the aforementioned event, I saw it listed on McCain’s website, but personal matters prevented me from doing so.

  5. Ahmadinejad and Abbas are NOT the same. I’m not defending Abbas and he is a big soneh Yisroel of course, but the fact is he isn’t working to get nuclear weapons. The Palestinians have caused a lot of hardship to the Jewish people but B”H we are strong and can defend ourselves. Against nuclear weapons….???? CH’V…

    Which makes the candidates positions all the more significant….McCain is going to stand up to Ahmadinejad and will not be afraid to use military force to protect America and Israel. Obama will pursue “diplomacy” until its too late and who knows what might be…..

    Of course all is in Hashem’s hands but we have to daven that the best shaliach should win…….

  6. I don’t think the Democrats forgot about 9/11, they just remember that the terrorist were virtually all from the country of our “friends” the Saudis (whose leaders are often seen strolling with and hugging George W. Bush), were funded with Saudi money and planned and directed from Afghanistan. So, they’d like to focus on that, rather than continuing to fight this war in Iraq, with no weapons of WMD and no link to 9/11 until AlQuaeda in Iraq formed AFTER we invaded.

    And by the way, Ahmadinejad yemach sh’mo is probably going to be out of a job when Iraq holds elections in June. The country’s economy is a mess because of plummeting oil prices. And even if he holds onto power (which he most likely won’t) the same people will be in charge that were always in charge…the ayatollahs.

  7. We as Yeshiva University College Students will be going to Philadelphia from Manhattan this Sunday. The group is of all Orthodox Jews and anyone able to attend should e-mail: [email protected].

    The pickup for NY is:
    Sunday 7:45AM: 186th Street & Amsterdam Ave.
    Sunday 8:00AM: 50 East 34th Street , New York, NY

  8. Kudos to you YU republicans,
    May hashem help you to have a lot of hatzlacha in your effort to throw Pennsylvania in Mccains hands.
    I wish I’d be able to attend, but I have to work to support my family, but my thoughts and prayers are with you to succeed.

  9. Yasher Koach to YU!

    I’m doing the phone calls, and urge everyone here to take a 1/2 hour to do the same calling PA and Ohio.

  10. Iran wants us to fight them. They also want us to stay in Iraq. They are not terrorists (any more). Iran is a well thought out strategic expansionary Persian/Muslim country with a vast network of well skilled military proxies in Iraq, Lebanon, etc. whose ultimately strategy is enticing the United States to spend all its money on wars in the Middle East that we cannot possibly win, and for us to lose countless troops which will weaken our military and our economy. Going to war with Iran and staying in Iraq is just feeding into Iran’s plan of our destruction, unfortunately. Therefore diplomacy is the only way to deal with Iran. It’s a no-win situation for the US and therefore, we need to focus on alternative energy Mamesh! McCain is too stupid to understand this.

  11. Good comments! I agree with some, disagree with others, but people are thinking.

    I have lots of problems with both candidates and their associates. There is no need to list them; we all know who they are.

    Whoever wins must tighten the screws on IRAQ, and be wary of Iran developing legitamacy via Iraq. The Iraqi prime minister, Maliki, regularly travels to Iran. He appears in many photographs hand in hand with Ahmadinejad.

    Another important demand should be made of Iraq: That country, as the newest democracy in the Middle East, should be “prompted” to recognize the oldest, and for many years, the only democracy in the Middle East: Israel.