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North Miami Beach: Signs of Hope in The Case of Little Aliza Schwab

ras.jpgThe parents of a little girl are seeing what they call “signs of hope” more than a year after their daughter was involved in a tragic accident.

For more than a year, Esther Schwab has been working with her daughter “Ruchama Aliza Sarah Chana bas Esther Leiba” hour upon hour, day upon day during rehabilitation.

On August 23, 2007, when Aliza drowned in the family pool (reported HERE on YWN), doctors said she had no brain activity, and the family was urged to pull her off of life support.

“We thank the Lord above for everything that she’s doing,” Esther Schwab, Aliza’s mother, told WSVN. “It’s a tremendous miracle, you know. You can see everything on her with her movements, in response to commands.”

They had faith Aliza would recover after that day in October of 2007 when the family took her home from the hospital. Several weeks ago they said they saw a major improvement; Aliza responded to voice commands. Her family was so amazed, they took out the video camera.

On the video, little Aliza is asked to move her arm and raise her legs multiple times, and she responds to all commands.

Hindy Brycks, her occupational therapist said that there is evidence of brain activity.

Her nurse, who has been with her everyday, said Aliza responds to commands on a daily basis. “It’s like you wake up from a dream. Yesterday, she couldn’t do certain things, today she can move. You speak to her, and it’s like she’s talking back to you.”

The family is well aware that this is a long process, but they just want to remind everyone how far their little girl has come. “I was amazed, I was really speechless,” said Esther Schwab.

Please continue to be Mispallel for her recovery.

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(Source: WSVN)

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  1. has she woke up and opened her eyes? What a nes, those dr. should be ashamed to not have wanted to give this beautiful girl a full chance to live. What happenend that made the dr. continue treating her?

  2. Every tiny flicker of light is illuminating the entire world right now. May we only continue to hear of bright lights amongst Klal Yisroel. YWN, please continue to keep us up to date.

  3. it is great to hear that our tefillos are helping a girl recover. May this help be mechazayk everyone to continue saying tehillim for all the others in need of a refuah.

  4. B’H He is what happened to make the doctors want to help little Aliza to start recovering from her injuries. It is not good to assume and state the doctors did not want to help her without asking each of them if such was so. Ther is only so much that can be done by the doctors, the rest is up to Hashem and His will. And B’H the little girl will continue to a full recovery over time and that her recovery will be such that there will be no lasting effects and affect from her accident.

  5. May she have many more miracles.
    There was an article in Hamodia on Cheshvan 28 that quoted Dr. Zachararowicz, a neurologist, who said “that some physicians question the declaration of “irreversible cessation of the entire brain function” (colloquially known as brain death) based on the standard testing currently performed. They argue that these tests may accurately portray lack of brain stem activity, but do not necessarily indicate a “total brain death”. In fact, a part of the brain known as the hypothalamus which controls some hormonal activity may still be functioning even when thereis no activity in the brain stem”. “So if a Rabbi is told the patient is brain dead, the rabbi has to understand that the definition of brain death has been changed over the decades to be more lenient.”

  6. I spoke to Aliza’s mother recently and she requested that people still continue to daven for Aliza. Though this is a major improvement, she still has a very long way to go. She is still ventilator dependent, fed through a tube, and largely unresponsive. Hashem should continue to send them yeshuos and Aliza should have a refuah shelaima!

  7. This is mamish a true mircale a story like this should be posted on every hospitals and health insurances bulletin boards so parents should not have to go through legal battles to keep there loved one alive. May Aliza have a full recovery and may here family only merit nachas.

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