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NEW YWN FEATURE: Inside Politics with David Greenfield


Every Thursday – exclusively on Yeshiva World – a weekly behind-the-scenes look at what’s really going on in government. This ten minute audio feature is hosted by David G. Greenfield, Esq.

David is one of the top political strategists and analysts in New York State.

He is also an experienced attorney and noted community askan who is the founding director of TEACH NYS, the only organization exclusively dedicated to solving the tuition crisis.

YWN AUDIO LINK: Click HERE for this weeks audio show.

(YWN Editor)

7 Responses

  1. Wow! I never thaought a guy who’s proud to be a democrat would be so mad in such a short time after elections…

  2. Thank you yeshiva world for providing fantastic content like this broadcast. Greenfield’s commentary was incredibly insightful.

  3. I’m sure David is working day and night trying to arrange for the govenrment agencies to provide separate swimming beach areas so that this summer Orthodox Jews in the city will be able to escape the 95 degree heat. So why doesn’t he tell us about his progress? Nu? With a Jewish Mayor and Senator it should be a mild request let alone the improvement to health and mitigation of obesity which would save the state money in health care. Let’s go.

  4. Hey Washington,
    What kind of ben torah is spending his days on the beach? You should thank Mr. Greenfield for working on behalf of the klal to reduce the cost of yeshiva tuition. Keep your narshkeit where it belongs – in Washington!

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