Poll: Gov. Paterson’s Numbers Keep Slipping


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pater1.jpgA new poll shows New York Gov. David Paterson’s popularity continuing to hit new depths as he enters his second year in office.

The Siena College poll finds the Democrat viewed favorably by 29 percent of New York voters and unfavorably by 58 percent. That’s worse than last month’s ratings, his lowest since taking over after Eliot Spitzer resigned.

Just 19 percent of New Yorkers say they have a positive view of his job performance. Seventy-eight percent have a negative view.

And only 14 percent would vote to elect him in 2010.

Right now, Paterson would lose to either Democrat Andrew Cuomo or Republican Rudy Giuliani.

The dismal numbers released Monday come as Paterson needs support to negotiate a difficult budget with lawmakers.

(Source: CBS News)