Jerusalem Municipality Inspectors Attacked in Anata


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Two Jerusalem municipality environmental inspectors fled for their lives on Sunday after being attacked by an Arab mob in Anata, an Arab area north of the capital. The two followed a truck into the area, intending to issue a summons for excessive pollution. They suddenly found themselves surrounded and in life-threatening danger, prompting one of them to fire his weapon in the air as they fled the scene.

The driver apparently realized he was being followed, prompting him to enter Anata while signaling to friends on the way, setting up the ambush. A number of vehicles were waiting in ambush and some 20 people came out to attack the two inspectors. 

Since the inspectors photographed the truck as they followed, police have the necessary information to apprehend the driver. The injured inspector’s condition was described as light, and he did not require treatment in a hospital.

One of the inspectors, Majdi Utman, explained that at one point, he realized some of the participants in the ambush tried putting him in their vehicle. He realized that if this occurs, he may never see home again, giving him the strength to overcome the situation and extricate himself, emphasizing he felt himself in life-threatening danger.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. hey don’t they know better this is israel what business do they have harassing arabs they should just stick with harassing the tax paying jews

  2. “They suddenly found themselves surrounding and in life-threatening danger…”

    They suddenly found themselves *surrounded* and in life-threatening danger…

    anyway b”h they got away