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Hikind Calls Upon Pulitzer Prize Review Board to Revoke Oliphant’s 1967 Award

hikind2.jpgIn response to Pat Oliphant’s anti-Semitic, syndicated cartoon (reported HERE on YWN) which appeared in newspapers across the country last Wednesday, Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) today sent a letter to Mr. Sig Gissler, administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes and Mr. Lee C. Bollinger, president of Columbia University, urging them and the other members of the Pulitzer Prize Review Board to revoke Pat Oliphant’s 1967 Pulitzer Prize Award for Editorial Cartooning. The Pulitzer Prizes, which, according to the official website, honor “excellence in journalism and the arts since 1917,” are administered by Columbia University.

In his letter, Hikind wrote, “Mr. Oliphant has a history of producing hateful and mean-spirited cartoons which are offensive to many different ethnic groups. His most recent work serves only to demonize Israel, and to empower terror organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah which seek the destruction of Israel. The Pulitzer Prizes are ostensibly about recognizing those who have demonstrated excellence in journalism and the arts. Mr. Oliphant has done nothing more than consistently generate irresponsible and disparaging cartoons, and as such, has not met the standard of excellence as set forth by Mr. Joseph Pulitzer. His 1967 award should be revoked immediately.”

Hikind, a child of Holocaust survivors, noted that Oliphant’s cartoon employs imagery and themes reminiscent of Nazi-era propaganda. “Seeing this cartoon published throughout the nation in the year 2009 was simply horrifying,” Hikind said. “It was something straight of Joseph Goebbels’ playbook. I am hopeful that revoking Oliphant’s Pulitzer Prize will send a message to him and other anti-Semites that we do not reward hateful acts in this country.”

(YWN Desk – NYC)

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