BREAKING NEWS: NYPD Arrest Abductor Wanted In Flatbush / Boro Park


ywbn15.gif9:30PM EST: The NYPD has just arrested a suspect wanted in the abduction of a Frum girl in the Boro Park/Flatbush area, YWN has learned.

In an exclusive YWN report – just two days ago – we informed our readers of two incidents involving a Hispanic male.

In the first incident, a Hispanic male attempted to abduct a young girl in the Kensington neighborhood, in the vicinity of Ditmas Avenue (66th Pct). Just a few days later, a Hispanic male followed a young girl from a neighborhood train station, and forced her onto a nearby rooftop (61st Pct).
In both incidents, the victims were thankfully able to break free and escape.

Thanks to the great work of the NYPD Special Victims Bureau, under the direct involvement of Inspector Theresa Shortell, an arrest was made moments ago.

The victim made a positive ID, and the suspect reportedly gave a confession statement to the crime.

The suspect is only being charged with the crime occurring in the 61st Pct (Kensington), and not the second crime occurring in the 66th Pct.

Detectives are still investigating the second incident [in Kensington].

Much thanks must be given to Brooklyn South Chief Joseph Fox, Inspector DeBlasio of the 66th Pct, the Commander Officer of the 61st Pct, the Brooklyn South Community Affairs, and Boro Park & Flatbush Shomrim who all worked together to make an arrest in this troubling incident. In addition to placing additional NYPD officers in “areas of interest”, an NYPD Command Post was placed on Ditmas Avenue near McDonald Avenue for added security and protection.

These incidents come on the heels of a highly-praised meeting held at the Misaskim Headquarters in Boro Park last week (reported HERE on YWN), which was attended by more than 40 administrators of local Bais Yaakov’s & Girls Schools, to discuss the dangers of child predators preying on young children on the streets of highly populated Orthodox neighborhoods.

While recently speaking with YWN, Chief Fox gave the following safety rules which parents should discuss with their children:

*Never accept any gifts or candies from any strangers.
*Never go anywhere with a stranger even if it sounds like fun.
*Run away or scream if someone follows or attempts to force you into a car.
*Never do something that you are told to keep a secret from your parents.
*Always ask parent permission to leave the yard, house or play area before going someplace else.
*Say no to anyone who tries to make you do something your parent said was wrong or in touch you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable.
*Avoid dressing your children with names on their clothing, since children trust strangers that call them by their names.

(Yehuda Drudgestein – YWN)