Inside Politics: Ask David Greenfield!


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GF3.jpgThis Week: This Week: New York Government Falling Apart! Plus Winners & Losers! [AUDIO LINK BELOW] Every Thursday – exclusively on Yeshiva World – you can ask David G. Greenfield, Esq. any political question you have! It’s simple, ask your political question in the comments section and listen each week for your answer. Our editors will select the top three questions each week for a response.IF YOU ARE USING FIREFOX AS YOUR BROWSER, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE FLASH INSTALLED TO LISTEN!

David is one of the top political strategists and analysts in New York State. David is also an experienced attorney and a renowned community askan who is the founding director of TEACH NYS. TEACH NYS is the only organization exclusively dedicated to solving the tuition crisis.

YWN AUDIO LINK: Click HERE for this weeks audio show.


  1. Who is David Greenfield?
    He sure sounds like he know what he is talking about. but who is he?

    Thank you for having him,whoever he is. He is good.

  2. I must admit that I am biased. I have known David since Beis Medrash in Eretz Yisroel. That being said, while I knew him and we were friendly, I was never very close to him. However, I always found David to be an intelligent, thoughtful and caring individual. Even back then he had a grasp of politics like no one else that I have ever met in the Frum community. He’s really an askan of the highest order and our community is truly zoche to have him working on our behalf.