Yeshiva Bochur R”L Killed In MVA In Woodridge – UPDATED 11:59PM


candle911.gif4:10PM EST: (UPDATES BELOW) Catskills Hatzolah is on the scene of a serious MVA on Glen Wild Road in the Woodridge section of Sullivan County, near Camp Bais Yitzchok & Davos.

Arriving units are reporting one person is R”L DOA, and Hatzolah Paramedics are requesting a chopper to respond for an additional patient.

Misaskim units have been requested, and are responding to the scene.

UPDATE 4:53PM EST: The deceased is a 19 y/o Bochur R”L. The passenger is B”H in stable condition, and has been flown by chopper to Westchester Trauma Center as a precaution.

UPDATE 6:50PM EST: YWN regrets to inform you of the tragic Petira of HaBochur HaChashuv Yeshaya Dovid Eckstein Z”L (19), a Talmid of Yeshiva Torah Temimah, and a resident of Kinsington; (Ditmas Avenue & east 8th Street.)  He, along with his passenger are both in Camp Silver Lake located in Woodridge NY. Arrangements are being made now for the Levaya, and YWN will post that info as soon as it is confirmed.

UPDATE 9:35PM EST: YWN has been informed that the surviving passenger, Avi Greenfield, was just released from the hospital, Boruch Hashem. Other than a few bumps and bruises – he is physically well. He is obviously quite distraught and traumatized – and we should be Mispallel for his psychological Refuah. More significantly, we should be Mispallel for the Niftars family (the Ecksteins) who should receive a speedy Nechama. The Greenfield family would like to thank everyone (especially Hatzoloh) for their help and Tefillos.

UPDATE 11:59PM EST: The Levaya is scheduled for 1:00PM at Shomrei Hadas Chapels in Boro Park.

YWN PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for initial photos.



  1. How much longer??? Ribono Shel Oilam! Genug! Genug! Genug!
    How much more can we endure this golus along with its tzaros! Genug Shoin!
    Mi She’Omar L’Olamo Dai Yoimar L’Tzaroseinu Dai!

  2. boruch dayan haemes, this is such a horrible tragedy and we all really need to wake up and realize that in a time of tza’ar we must redouble our efforts in torah, tzedaka, chessed and ma’asim tovim.
    to his family- hamokom yenachem aschem besoch sha’ar avelei tzion v’yerushalayim.

  3. The father was my close friend in school in Manchester Uk and in Gateshead Yeshiva. He is a superb individual and my heart goes out to him in his time of tzorus. Hamokoim Yenachem.

  4. As someone not connected, and not on the madreygeh to properly feel their pain, i want to make a general point.
    Amazing how many tragedies happen during the three weeks/nine days.
    Has anyone made a statisical study?
    If it is a statistical anomaly, what an open yad hashem.

  5. Baruch Dayan Emet!
    its just so awful and heartbreaking to hear about such tragedy!
    my condolences to kol mishpacha.
    i hope Hash-m is watching over us at all times.

  6. Everything comes from Hashem but we must do our hishtadlus, we cannot expect things to go outside of the tevah. After I saw this post last night, I was beside myself. What a tragic loss of life. Such a special bochur. What a loss for klal yisroel. The first thing to learn from this is dont drive when you’re tired. The second thing is think before you give your child the car keys. We always think that “nothing will happen.” It was “beshert”? I’m not so sure – I believe in hishtadlus also.

  7. sorry for this terrible tragedy, r”l. at the same time, amama (#17) is unfortunately right. no use ignoring the MAIN lesson of all! ZEHIRUS!!!! SHMIRAS HANEFESH!!!!