1 Day. $300 K. Or Nothing.


chardy2015.00_00_01_14.Still002[COMMUNICATED CONTENT] The countdown begins Now!!! The Dror Power of 4 campaign is about to begin.

Now. $300K countdown. 24 hours only! You can be their partner in action!

Are you ready for Dror’s 24 hour campaign? Dror is going All or Nothing for ONE FULL DAY!

Dror is relying on you, for help in alleviating the pain for so many women and children who are bereft of a breadwinner and father figure at home. Their father can’t be there for them, but someone will. Dror won’t let them down, but they need your help So that no child is left alone in the wake of prison bars!

Dror is asking the public to extend a hand in joining their circle of hope and giving. Dror’s POWER OF 4 campaign takes every donation on a home run, where for just 24 hours, 3 sponsors have lined up to match every donation, with a goal of raising $300K in a single day. If the full amount isn’t collected, all donations will be returned leaving Dror’s recipients with a gaping hole to fill.

We don’t have much TIME! Join the 24 hour, ALL OR NOTHING campaign. These families are counting on YOU! Participate in an opportunity to assist the families of an incarcerated parent, by stretching every dollar you give. 3 sponsors= 4 opportunities for every donation you make. Dror is an organization which assists women and children whose husbands/ fathers are behind bars.

For those who face the daily struggle alone, YOU can help provide:

*Individualized therapy for children of an incarcerated parent

*Monthly night out for women

*24 hour retreat for women and children, complete with inspirational speakers and programs

*Dror’s annual Shabbaton, one of comedy, unity, and nourishing food for both body and soul

*Chol Hamoed day trips

*Gift packages