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House Intelligence Chair Seeks Answers On Report That US Spied On PM Netanyahu

spyThe House Intelligence chairman says his committee will look into a report the U.S. spied on the Israeli prime minister and in the process swept up communications with Congress.

Congressman Devin Nunes of California tells The Associated Press that he’s asked the director of National Intelligence and the head of the National Security Agency to come to Capitol Hill next week to brief lawmakers on the matter.

A report in the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday says that even after President Barack Obama announced two years ago he would limit spying on friendly heads of state, the NSA kept watch on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and top Israeli officials.

In the process the agency caught some conversations with U.S. lawmakers, according to the report.


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  1. This cold backfire on the Republicans. It won’t look good for them to be seen conspiring with the leader of a foreign government to subvert the policies of the United States government. It won’t look good for Israel, either. Better to let this one go.

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