Near Drowning in Catskills – Medevac Transports Patient


SOL1.gif4:30PM EST: Catskills Hatzolah Paramedics were on the scene of a near-drowning in the town of Loch Sheldrake, NY a short while ago.

Hatzolah was called after a 75-year-old woman was pulled out of a swimming pool in “Luxur Estates”. Arriving units reported the man to not be breathing R”L, and Catskills Hatzolah Paramedics were expedited to the scene.

She was intubated, and a Medevac (Lifenet-75) was dispatched to airlift her to Weschester County Trauma Center.

The landing zone was at the Sullivan County Community College in Loch Sheldrake.

He is reportedly in serious condition.

(YWN Sullivan County News Team – 2009)