Sukkah Built At Ellenville Hospital For First Time


er.jpgDue to the fact that thousands of people will be spending Sukkos in the Catskills, a Sukkah has been built at Ellenville Hospital in case someone Chas VeShalom would be hospitalized there over Yom Tov.

The hospital is fully aware of the Fum communities needs for the Yom Tov of Sukkos, and has graciously allowed the Sukkah to be built. Additional, there is a fully stocked Bikur Cholim room in the facility, and a Lulav & Esron has been placed there as well.

This past summer Catskills Hatzolah transported many people to the Hospital located in the heart of Ellenville, NY, and the staff was overly accommodating.

The Sukkah was arranged by the Jewish Liaison to the hospital, Rabbi Joel Gold, and Bikur Cholim.

NOTE: The Ellenville Shul is within walking distance of the hospital.


  1. I spent part of a Shabbos there this summer. They were very accomodative, friendly, and cognizant of the jewish laws sorrounding shabbos.

  2. Once again, symbols over reality. When will we accept that the trappings of halachah do not override true halachah. Is someone is sick enough to have to be in the hospital over Succos, then clearly they would not be required to eeat in a Sukkah!!!! Are they going to shlep a heart attack or post-operative patient to eat in a Sukkah? This is another example of frumkeit misdirected.

  3. Its not frumkeit misdirected. The succah can be used for family members who stay with the patient over shabbat or yom tov. And im sure those people appreciate having a succah there very much. Why do people always look for the negative?? Someone does something good but unfortunately theres always someone looking to point out the bad. Maybe you should start looking for the good in things.

  4. to number 5 – right and these healthy relatives just can’t wait to get back to their homes to eat? Or are you saying that these are the people who HAD to come to the hospital with a sick person? Maybe, but really, this is not that amazing.