EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Rabbi Yehuda Levin – How Should A Real Torah Jew Vote?



YWN met exclusively with Rabbi Yehuda Levin on Monday, and expressed his views and opinions regarding the elections for NYC Mayor, and NJ Governor. Below is an exclusive video & two articles where Rabbi Levin slams the Lakewood Vaad for endorsing Corzine, and goes after the Mishpacha Magazine, Hamodia, Yated & Jewish Press for their endorsements of Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of Rabbi Yehuda Levin.

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How Should A Real Torah Jew Vote?

Not Bloomberg; Not Thompson!

Both of these men are enthusiastic promoters of America’s headlong plunge into the cruelty and immorality of Sodom and Gomorrah.

They both promote full legitimization of the disgusting Toeiva lifestyle – even for children, even encouraging official recognition of “same-gender Marriage” by the Government, a move that sealed the fate of Sodom and her sister cities in the “Five Towns,” according to the Midrash.

They both promote the wholesale murder of babies in the womb, a Holocaust of over 60,000,000 souls; the Zohar tells us that this brings a host of plagues and diseases on our society.

Although our Torah leaders have banned support for such candidates, they have, Nevertheless, encouraged us to participate in elections – So, how can we vote in this Tuesday’s Mayoral election without being disloyal to G-D and His Torah?

We can vote! We have a decent candidate in this Mayoral election who stands firm against the wholesale murder of children in the womb; he is staunchly opposed to any and all forms of official recognition and encouragement of Sodomite Toeiva in America – He is Stephen Christopher, and he is running for Mayor on the Conservative Party line.

By voting for Stephen Christopher, you will send a clear message to our City, State, and Federal officials (who analyze election results very carefully) that we Torah Jews Demand A Stop to the promotion of “Toeiva”!

We Torah Jews Demand A Stop to the Abortion Holocaust!

Make Your Voice Heard. Send A Clear  Message!

VOTE! Stephen Christopher for Mayor On the Conservative Party Line.



Parshas “Vayomer lo ashchis bavoor hasarah”

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Because of the tumult against Corzine, the ones who brought Hillary Clinton to Lakewood (and soaked over $200,000 of Yiddish gelt l’hevel v’lareik at her fundraiser, money which could have gone for Torah,) called Rav Shteiman Shlita to bolster their pro-Corzine (who is pro alternative marriage) support.

Who presented the “opposing position” to R’ Shteiman who knows nothing about the “hashchasah” politics here, or the Chilul Hashem to religious pro-family gentiles who would never vote for either candidate?

This is similar to a landlord presenting Rav Forscheimer with “both sides” of a din Torah.  Would the absentee, unrepresented tenant be obligated to abide by any ruling?  Of course not.

We all sympathize and appreciate the administrators’ efforts to fund our Mosdos-but it’s obvious there is a “negius” which blinds them from seeing or understanding the bigger picture, regarding the Chilul Hashem visa vi the religious/moral gentiles and the spiritual effect our countenancing Corizine’s “marriage”-or “Christie’s” civil unions will have on our children and grandchildren.

When my 3 mentors, Rav Avigdor Miller zt”l, The Kashau Rav zt”l, and the Debriciner Rav zt”l, spoke at a 5745 kinus on behalf of my then Congressional campaign, Rav Miller referenced the Mondrowitz scandal and prognosticated that as long as Yidden continue to vote for “Chukai Toaveh” politicians, more of our children will continue to suffer similar types of abuse. May I add that “kids at risk” will continue to misbehave in similar fashions, Hashem Yerachaim! How prescient he was. Look where we are holding a quarter century later!

Rav Simcha Hacohen Kook, Chief Rav of Rechovos, expressed to myself, Harav Lazer Ginsburg, Rosh Kollel of the Mir, Rav Dovid Eidensohn, noted mechaber seforim and talmid chochom from Monsey, and Rav Noson Leiter, of Jews for Torah Decency, Monsey, his total shock and horror. “How is it possible that you can’t obtain for me letters from Gedolei America that forbid voting for the supporters of Toevah?” In Eretz Yisroel, where they don’t have this form of elections (i.e. they vote for Frum parties) and this kind of “shochad” of government programs, he is not “blinded by shochad”. So the prohibition, hypocrisy and spiritual “sakanah” of voting for anyone who supports Toevah is a no-brainer!  To Rav Kook, it’s “pashut” absolutely forbidden.

Today, Rav Kook shlita obtained the signatures of Rav Shteiman and Rav Elyashiv on a Kol Koreh, which many Gedolei Yisroel DID sign, which obligates US to fight in every manner against the passage of same gender marriage laws. The third rail of kedusha, “not voting” for the evil politicians, is not mentioned in this text although it’s obvious that this is the “hishtadlus” we can and are obligated to make.

Rav Shteiman shlita explained that since he had already told the Lakewood “shoel” that at least b’de’eved they didn’t have to antagonize Corizine by pulling back their endorsement, at this time, he didn’t feel comfortable signing on to the stronger “Kol Koreh” that prohibits voting for the pro-shmutz candidates.

Please be “Mekadaish Hashem”. Do it to have kosher children and eineklach – A vote for Christie is also a Chilul Hashem and a vote for compromise with Toevah.  Don’t do it!
 The way things work is: We don’t show proper concern for Kashrus, we have a meat debacle in Monsey several years ago. We turn the other cheek and vote for hashchasa, we get kids misbehaving and “intimate” abuse of the same genre.

Look at our “Orthodox” politicians-Mechallelai Hashem. Senator Joe Lieberman-pro-partial birth abortions and pro-chukai Toeivah. NY State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver actively passes and advocates for Toeivah marriage. “Orthodox” (ha! ha!) Assemblyman Gary Shear votes absent and not “NO” on NJ civil unions, himself is very “choshud” on inyonim and had a pro-toeivah bill signed by Governor Corizine in an Orthodox shul in Passaic. He deprecates our Torah and the Rabonim who unfortunately still support him!

The Satmar Rav zt”l said that if one votes for politicians in Israel, he is responsible for all the shmutz the politician sponsors or votes for. The Kashau Rav zt”l, Rav Refal Blum, states the same thing applies in the U.S.

Is it any wonder all our Ortho Politicians do bad things and are Mechalel Hashem and too many of our children are ensteeped in shmutz? It’s in part the “effect” of our voting for pro-shmutz politicians!

In 1982, Rav Elya, zt”l, spoke at a kinus in Kamenetz l’kovod Rav Shach and said if Torah is “built” on one questionable “nail”, the whole Torah C”V can be questionable. He said it b’shaim the Gra, the Chasam Sofer or both. Isn’t it time we apply these hashkofos l’maaseh?

Lakewood, you can do a teshuva for all our failures in the area of voting and “chanfaning” politicians for the last 30 years.

With your help, we will turn over a new leaf. L’maan Hashem, don’t vote for Corizine or Christie.

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. #2

    If you would come to his Beis Medrash, you would hear it on any number of other issues. Don’t blame your lack of knowledge on anyone else.

  2. With all due respect, to use the old and tired excuse of “the Gadol doesn’t understand the question or the issues involved” when you don’t like what R’ Shteinman said is making a mockery of Daas Torah. Just like R” Forsheimer doesn’t pasken until he hears both sides R” shteinman doesn’t give his psak until he fully grasps a issue.in Eretz Yisroel frum politicians routinely join coalition with members that directly try to harm frum intrests and the gedolim go along with it.
    R’ Miller always said to support the right wing candidates, he never advocated not voting just because the candidates record is not perfect. should we never vote in any election because everyone permits abortion?
    You may not agree with the lakewood Roshei Yeshiva and the Mashgiach and if you of their stature you have a right to disagree, but they have their achreiyos and mesorah and to just dismiss them in public as being blinded by money is very disrespectful to the roshei yeshivas and the klall that they represent.

  3. Quite interesting that he waits until the eve of the vote to make his statement. I would tend to follow the directives of the Gedolim and Agudas Yisroel as to the importance of voting, rather than this Yehuda Levin.

    All I know of him is that he ran for Congress years ago, prayed for rain down south and has youtube videos. I don’t think that he has the status of a Godol.

  4. My concern here is that in order for us to have a say in anything that concerns the Frum community we have to be engaged in the process. There are many things in the secular world that are abhorent to us as Torah Jews. But how can we try to work on the issues that we need to (e.g. tuition assistance, proper health care, security issues, Eretz Yisroel, etc.) if we refuse to be engaged in the process. Don’t support the Gay Marriage issue. But if we don’t show ourselves as willing to sit and talk on other issues with the elected officials, what happens next time they want to ban shechita or bris millah, or require working on Erev Shabbos etc.?

    No one for one second thinks that we have actually changed our position on the issue of Gay Marriage. They know we oppose it. So, what are we accomplishing?

  5. dear yeshiva world,
    honestly i am truly disgusted by this article and video you have shared. i always log onto your site to follow the news becouse i feel that your articals are worth reading. not this one.
    how a site such as yours can allowe a person to openly question rav shteinman is beyond me. i along with many others will now be thinking twice before we log on.
    you should be ashamed.

  6. benishchai – stop making sense! We all need to blindly follow the narrow minded pure logic of HaRav HaGoan Moreinu V’Rabanu Yehuda Levin, shlita!

    The Gedolim have to follow the great wisdom of holy Askanim like HaRav Levin. After all, he has a letter from Rav. Avigdor Miller, z”l.

  7. BTW – is anyone aware of his past involvements?

    Here’s a quote about him:
    Levin is also a member of the advisory committee of the organization Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation. Yehuda Levin tends to support Christian Evangelicals on efforts opposed to homosexual rights and other morality based issues. This led to his 1996 support for Pat Buchanan.

    Interesting. He can look the other way when it comes to Christian and Evangelists who try with great effort to convert Jews, but to Politician “No”!

    Pat Buchanan?! Am I wrong or isn’t Buchanan slightly anti-Semitic? Interesting!

    Go Yehuda Go! 😐

  8. While in my heart I agree with Rabbi Levin, one should realize that in the United States there is evidence that those children aborted are statistically more likely to grow up to be criminals, and that if we started objecting to all goyim who are perverts holding office, we would for the most part have to abstain from involvement in the political system. The decision of many if not most gedolim to support candidate based on the impact of their socio-economic policies on the Torah world may actually be right (surprise 🙂 )

  9. Levin is an extremist there’s no question about that. However he’s on the right side of things. In my humble opinion his message must be heard by all of us. Now that we’ve heard his message each person can decide for himself by asking his Rov or by using his own judgment (this is not a halachic shaaylo) who to vote for. The extremists in the frum camp when acting L’kovod shomayim always earned the respect of g’dolim yet the k’lal is not always encouraged to necessarily follow them though their message must be heard.

  10. #4, you are obviosly very young, or slightly misinformed. the toeiva MARRIAGE issue is just a more recent continuation of the toeiva RIGHTS campaign, which has unfortunately been going on for decades now.

  11. Yeshiva World is the only place Rabbi Levin gets any attention. Other than this site, I hadn’t heard of him since he ran for Congress years ago.

  12. With all due respect to Harav Levin shlita, although I appreciate and understand his strong opposition to corzine, i can’t understand where he’s coming from on christie, who has opposed toeiva marriage, and, to my knowledge, has never supprted the toeivaniks on anything. He is also strongly pro-life. please clarify.

  13. #14:
    “How many votes did Rabbi Levin get when he ran for Congress? 15? 150?”
    dos iz unzer broch! we’re stupid! we follow shtinkers like hikind BLINDLY, and vote out every last ehrliche yid. remember noach dear?? remember who hikind told us to vote in instead of him? why DON’T we finally wake up and stand up for our values??????

  14. A REAL Torah Jew should VOTE, but it is disturbing that any rav would have the nerve to stand up and tell others how they SHOULD vote, and base that on Torah, determining that if they do not vote a certain way, they are not Torah Jews. That message, in of itself, is what is wrong with “Torah Jews” today.

    I’m glad that neither of these “holy men” are my rabbis.

  15. This man sound like a Rabbi Avigdor Miller wannabe.

    Elections aren’t always about perfection or Good vs. Bad. It’s often about bad vs. worse.

    The Vaad made a big mistake for endorsing Corzine. Period.

    Christie is an honorable man who is strong on family values issues. He deserves our support. (He might even lower your taxes…)

    Thankfully 70% of the Lakewood vote is going to Christie

  16. Sour grapes….get out and vote for Bloomberg and Christie.

    Chrisiti is a solid Family Values guy who may even lower your taxes!

    Stop listening to these self proclaimed prophets…(losers)

  17. I live in Lakewood and just voted for Chris Christie. I’m tired of taxes in NJ. Property taxes are through the roof and tolls keep going up. Its time we siad enough. And its time we sent President Obama a message.

  18. I couldn’t agree more with Chicago101. And what does a “real Torah Jew” mean? That headline alone let’s you know that something is amiss here. And it would be defined by someone other than a Greiseh Godol that is m’fursam lakol? This is what we’ve come to: blogs that tell us how to be a real Torah Jew that are not a mouthpiece for our Einei HaEidah and we all give them a yasher koach.

    I’m not jumping on this bandwagon. That’s for sure.

  19. jphone,

    Hagoen HaRav Avigdor Miller ZT’L pioneered using new media (cassette tapes) to disseminate Torah values, as Rav Miller encouraged his talmid HaRav Levin Shlita to do as well.

  20. He is 100% right and we should listen to him.

    Lets show Hashem, that we sincerely care about the good behavior of all nations, Yidden AND none Yidden.
    We are not like those who say, “there should be Yishuos for Ganz Klal Yisroel”, only caring about themselves.
    We follow in the footsteps of Avrohom Oveinu who cared about, and strugled that all nations should be good to HKB”H.

  21. Sour grapes….this Rabbi A. Miller wannabe is using Election Eve to promote himself.

    Politics is not about perfection or Bad vs. Good. It’s often about the lesser of 2 evils.

    Chris Christie is an honorable man with strong family values who deserves our vote. Thankfully 70% of Lakewood will be voting for him.

    Don’t waste your time voting for Third Parties. All they do is suck votes from potential decent candidates.

  22. I remember years ago, when Yehuda Levin ran against Adele Katz and Anthony Weiner. One Friday night (I thought it was Rosh Hashanah, but the timing doesn’t make sense), he and his kids came into Rabbi Zakheim’s shul on Bedford and Ave I, and blasted individuals in the shul for not backing him – “Look _____, my children are crying because of you!!!!” How does someone like this claim to be completely L’Shaim Shomayim, but our gedolim don’t know anything?