Landlords Move to Ban Smoking in Apartment Buildings


smok1.jpgThe movement to ban smoking in New York City has grown so quickly that no place seems immune – certainly not restaurants or bars, and public beaches and parks may not be far behind. Now the efforts are rapidly expanding into the living room.

More landlords are moving to prohibit smoking in their apartment buildings, telling prospective tenants they can be evicted if they light up in them.

This month, the Related Companies will ban smoking at some of its downtown apartment buildings because of health concerns about secondhand smoke, according to company officials.

(Source: NY Times Blog)


  1. How about now doing the same in Yeshivos and Shuls. Absolutely No Smoking in or around the Yeshiva or Shul. In addition, Why shouldn’t every married woman tell her husband, if he doesn’t stop smoking, GET OUT. She is the one that will ultimately suffer with the children.

  2. Every time a see a Yid smoking, I want to just walk up and grab it out of their hand or mouth! The only reason I don’t, is that I know they’d just light up another. I know if someone was attacking them with a knife, they would undoubtedly appreciate if I was able to grab the knife away from the attacker. Why don’t people realize that this is exactly what they are doing to THEMSELVES! They are killing themselves! Young yeshiva boys that are smoking are just immature and dumb, but what is the excuse for all the young fathers I see, guys in their 30s and 40s, puffing their way to an early grave, to young almanas, and to young, fatherless children. Do they really care more about their taiyva, than their childre?!?! – UNFORGIVEABLE!!!

  3. DISCLAIMER: I don’t smoke.

    Comment #2,
    If we as a society were to allow bully’s to physically grab cigarettes out of people’s mouth’s because we KNOW BETTER what’s good and bad, where does it end? Should nutritionist who KNOW BETTER grab ice cream and pizza away from people in restaurants? Should we chase strangers down the street with barking dogs to force them to get some much needed exercise?
    Where do you get the perverse attitude to even dream up the idea of trying to control other people’s decisions. I know you believe your right and everyone else is wrong but that doesn’t give you the authority to force people to change their habits. We live in a free society or at least would like to if it weren’t for people like you and our government trying to enforce what they believe is right on us.

    Comment #1,
    Husbands and wives shouldn’t try to control each other’s habits with ultimatums that if you don’t concede “Get Out!”.

    Principals and Teachers: Stop trying to make the world a better place by forcing all students in your class and schools to fit into your perfectly imagined molds of what each child should be.

    The only thing people should not be allowed to do is inhibit other peoples freedom to live safely and freely. To that end; people should not smoke in enclosed area’s with non smokers, people should not make a chilul H’ and parents should not encourage their children to smoke, use drugs or use cell phones which are all very detrimental to their health and development under the guise that it’s safe and OK because my parents and educators give me their haskomah.

  4. We need to make the economy better. Right now its a big dump and it has a lot of pollution in it so lets try to cut it down and eyeopener is right they say second hand smoking is worse than actually smoking. Do you want to have to go to the hospital, so try to make your family stop smoking first, and Reb Feiveil it is an extremely evil thing to do what you are saying about kicking the husband out. In halachah it says a rabbi is allowed to lie for shalom bayis, so I don’t think that what you said is a smart thing