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9/11 Families, Supporters, Rally Against NY Trial

ksm.jpgSeveral hundred people rallied in the rain near Manhattan’s federal courthouse complex Saturday to protest the plan to put major terrorism suspects on trial in New York City.

Demonstrators at the Saturday event included a number of people who lost friends and relatives in the 9/11 attacks.

Anger at the Obama administration ran hot in the crowd. One person held up a sign calling Attorney General Eric Holder “disgraceful and despicable.” Another sign said “Obama/Holder … Jihad from within.”

Opponents of the plan say that a New York trial could again make the city a terrorism target, and that the five suspects should instead face a military tribunal.

(Source: CBS2 HD)

5 Responses

  1. The Federal Court in NY has traditionally been the place where terrorists are tried. This also ensures that these defendants will be tried by a jury made up of the community that was affected most directly by their actions.

  2. How in the world are they going to find 12 people who have no prior knowledge of 9/11 which in a standard criminal trial held in civilian court is required? The only place to hold this trial is in a military court which doesn’t have these a jury.

  3. Well his lawyers won’t let jurors from affected families. The jury will probably consist of mostly muslim/arab people, in order to be balanced.

  4. benishchai, you are a complete ignoramus. You are ignoring the fact that these are enemy combatants were captured on the battlefield. They will be given the same due process rights as American citizens like you. They all have already admitted in military tribunals that they are guilty and want the death penalty. This is the first time that enemy combatants will be tried by a civilian jury in American history going back to the Revolutionary War.

    To say what you did is a complete insult and dangerous. This will be turned into a show trial so that the defendants will be able to make calls for jihad and spew their vicious anti-Israel, anit-America, and anti-semitic hatred.

    Are you looking forward to that?

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